Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Shoe Thrower Pelted in Paris

By now the name Muntadar al-Zaidi is well known; the Iraqi journalist who threw his shoes at George W Bush last December in protest over the occupation, torture and slaughter of his people, by the American and coalition forces. Of course Bush being the magnanomous world leader that he was, allowed him to be charged with assault and sentenced to a year in prison where the journalist was ill treated and even tortured.

Since his release in September, al-Zaidi has continued to rally for the plight of Iraqi victims, speaking at news conferences and events around the world. However in an about face, whilst in the middle of his speech at a news conference in Paris, al-Zaidi became the victim of a shoe throwing. He managed to duck in time and al-Zaidi's brother chased the attacker from the room. Although his identity has not been confirmed, it is thought the attacker was also an Iraqi journalist but one who supported the US policy and actions in Iraq, and who has previously attacked al-Zaidi as a man "who worked for a dictatorship".

Well everybody is entitled to their opinion but what is amazing is how al-Zaidi bears this man no ill will but has shown the sort of compassionate gesture that wasn't offered to him. Muntadar has become a hero in the eyes of many people not only for his actions last year but also his continued work, which has earned him many offers of large cash sums and even marriage proposals. However he has issued instructions that all gifts to be refused "until I find a way that they can be passed on to the people of Iraq".

Food for thought?

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