Thursday, 24 March 2011

Telling Ann Coulter to Go Fukushima Herself

Everybody has at some point in their life (in some cases many times) met someone who constantly failed to engage their brain before opening their mouth. In the case of US political commentator Ann Coulter, it seems the brain vacated her skull a long time ago only she hasn't noticed. In her column entitled A Glowing Report on Radiation she makes an outlandish claim that exposure to high doses of radiation, similar to those pouring out from the Fukushima nuclear power plant is actually good for  you and helps ward off cancer.

Image courtesy of Gage Skidmore
According to Miss Coulter, the reason that this startling theory, which supposedly has the backing of many reputable nuclear scientists, has been disregarded by the media in its reporting of the crisis in Japan is because it lacks sensationalism. Coulter insists that for the last twenty years the media have instigated a form of hysteria over the dangerous effects of exposure to high doses of radiation. She cites the theory of Radiation Hormesis which claims that chronic exposures to ionizing radiation can stimulate the body's reserve repair mechanisms that can even stave off cancer. This is still theoretical and all studies have proven to be inconclusive hence why reputable organisations such as the United Nations Scientific Committee on the Effects of Atomic Radiation (UNSCEAR) have not accepted it as viable;
Until the [...] uncertainties on low-dose response are resolved, the Committee believes that an increase in the risk of tumour induction proportionate to the radiation dose is consistent with developing knowledge and that it remains, accordingly, the most scientifically defensible approximation of low-dose response. However, a strictly linear dose response should not be expected in all circumstances. UNSCEAR report
Yet Coulter continues to pass this off as accepted fact quoting spurious studies to back up her ridiculous claims. What is sickening however is that she has the audacity to downplay the devastating effects of the nuclear explosion at Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in Ukraine, not to mention the lack of sensitivty towards the families of the Fukushima 50.  In an effort to peddle her junk, Coulter makes an appearance on the US right-wing Rupert Murdoch owned television channel Fox News and explains what can be laughably called her theories to presenter Bill O' Reilly.

I should point out that I am not a fan of Fox News nor of O'Reilly but I have to raise my hat to the man who very calmly exposed more holes in Coulter's premise than a block of the finest Swiss cheese. Her argument that the stories reported in the media are nothing more than lies purported by anti-nuclear campaigners is very much akin to climate change deniers who believe that global warming is a socialist conspiracy designed to undermine capitalism and reduce the quality of life for all Americans.

The issue is not whether Radiation Hermoesis works, it may well do and no doubt scientists are still looking into this possibility. Ann Coulter however is the epitome of hardcore conservatism in the US, leaving even some neo-cons seeming moderate in comparison and people listen to her because she spouts her poison so loud and with an air of authority.  Luckily an organisation called Left Action has started a petition expressing outrage at Coulter's comments, and challenging her to back up her claims. For every signature collected Left Action will donate one penny  towards the cost of Coulter's flight to the Fukushima plant where she can assist with clean up operations, minus protective gear. I seriously doubt she will take up the offer.


  1. Coulter continues to play the bad girl on behlaf of our false front controlled opposition.
    Notice at evey key moment she balks the issues.
    She has said virtually nothing about our shadow government and its 4 decades of
    systematic sellout and TREASON viz a viz RED China.
    She never mentions the tax free, ultra rich 'benny violent' foundations and their
    core agenda ---EUGENICS and population extermination.
    Of late she's been pooh-poohing their sterilization ops, and even the GE design flaws
    and the Fukishima reactor disaster.
    Coulter is a ROCKEFELLER set up front-------------------------------------------BEWARE

  2. HI. Thanks for visiting and commenting. I see her as a figure who likes to shock to get reactions. Unfortunately her antics get media attention so she keeps coming out with these insane notions, usually more far right than the far right and so Fox News and the like put her in the spotlight. She is both fascinating and loathesome.