Tuesday, 1 January 2013

[Writers' Blog] Support The Writer in Your Life

I consider myself a very fortunate individual in that since re-embarking on the writing path, the support I have received from all concerned has been tremendous. Whether it be supportive encouragement from loved ones and family, admiration from friends and colleagues, it seems I am blessed with people in my life who want me to succeed as a writer. It comes as no surprise to learn that others are not so fortunate and so find themselves constantly being pulled away from their writing passion by those who should be helping to nurture them. This blog post is to friends, family, bosses, colleagues, basically anyone who knows a struggling aspiring writer but looks on their venture with disinterest or disdain.

Often I describe myself as a masochistic writer because writing, especially for those who make it their life, is pure torture. It is a misconception that writing an informative article, posting an insightful blog, or crafting an entertaining story comes easy, far from it. When you read a well crafted piece of writing occasional it might have been tapped out in the time it takes to gulp down a Latte but most likely only came to fruition after many agonising hours sometimes even days of re-reading and re-writing along with the occasional scream and pulling of hair. The slightest errors are gut wrenching and if a word or sentence doesn't belong re-writing them feels like even more of an uphill struggle. Writing becomes even more tortuous if the time needed to practice our art is like gold dust and deadlines loom. Yet we keep writing every day despite the pain and the frustrations. We do this because writing is what we love to do and there is nothing like the joy of seeing out hard earned fruits of arduous labour on the page/screen for all to see.

As mentioned earlier, I am blessed with various forms of support but sadly there are many writers out there who are not so lucky. It is heart breaking to read of how writers are constantly sneered at, criticised and even have their time set aside for writing deliberately disrupted, often by those who should be the most supportive. Instances include; 
  • spouses frequent dissatisfaction with the amount of time their other halves spent writing
  • children disrupting a parents writing activities without being reeled in by the other parent
  •  whole families circling their writing relatives in an effort to discourage them from what is seen as a waste of time
  • overbearing and disapproving parents who would prefer their child to be a doctor or lawyer
  • friends who would rather have the attention all on them with their eyes glazing over at the mere mention of the word "writing".
These have been known to break up marriages and cause family & friends to drift further apart. So why do the very people who should be the crutch in a writer's life are instead the ones who kick it away? It is the same sad story of envy, neediness, and of course lack of understanding. Some people only see virtue in such an activity depending on it's financial reward. One writer remarked how her husband used to berate her about writing calling it a waste of time until the cheques started to arrive. 

If you have a friend, parent, spouse, colleague, child who is a writer, do them a favour. Offer all the love, support, and encouragement you can. Set aside your inadequacies and selfish needs or any fears and concerns that it does not earn a stable income. We all have our hobbies, passions, and of course ambitions to be the best and earn a living doing it. Writing can be fun and incredibly rewarding but it is not without its difficulties. 

As mentioned earlier it can be a torturous pursuit made even more stressful when balancing it with the daily responsibilities of life. Spare a thought for the writer in your life, offer love and encouragement and never let them lose sight of their goal. The reward for the writer is obvious but you could share in that reward be it financial or just the pleasure of seeing them accomplish something and be happy doing it.

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