Tuesday, 14 August 2018

AI - Putting Intelligence in Digital Marketing

Ever considered how AI is changing the shape of Digital Marketing in 21st Century. Shane Barker, Founder CEO of Content Solution & Gifographics has, and in his article "How AI Is Changing The Future Of Digital Marketing" he makes a big case for why businesses should embrace AI for their marketing needs. In some ways AI has already crept into our day to day lives through smart devises, Chatbots, even self-driving cars, all run by technology incorporating AI. Don't think for a second though that any of this is a prelude to a machine take over a la "Colussus The Forbin Project" or even "The Terminator." 

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Digital Marketing already actively takes user - end data, such as search histories, shopping habits, and social media interactions to target potential consumers with tailored ads and messages. Through the inclusion of sophisticated algorithms AI goes one step further by taking over the role of understanding market trends - why plough through endless analytic data to guess what the trends are when AI can crunch infinitely more data to give and report more accurate popular trends. For your business AI offers the following benefits;

  • Precision and accuracy: as mentioned before, AI's algorithms can process much more data faster and more accurate. 
  • This data can be used to better predict buyer habits and decisions and tailor your ads to make hard - to -refuse offers to potential customers.
  • Time saver; we already benefit from digital automation of standard tasks and processes (mine is the godsend that is the social media dashboard), AI saves on both time and resources with more complete automated facility which increases productivity. 
  • It's ability to analyse and adapt to changes ensures you stay ahead of customer demand.

Now this all might sound like a more sophisticated way to deluge potential customers with unwanted spam. Let's face it, ads have become a users pet hate even if it is for products and services they might use, but AI does more than just speed up the flow of product marketing at inopportune moments. It can enhance and improve their day to day searching and buying experience. In his article Shane looks at the Starbucks Barista Bot which uses the customer's Facebook Messenger account to place their order without queuing at the counter. It can even process complex orders, so if you fancy a "double decaff, caffeinated half caff with a twist of lemon" the Barista Bot will process your order no trouble.

The use of automation and AI sounds like it is ridding business and the retail experience of that human interaction, and whilst this does raise a little concern for me personally, the fact is the world is changing faster every day. Automation is less creeping but more flowing like a rapid river into our lives, but it needn't take over or replace P2P interaction, rather take over the painstaking and mundane aspects and making time for the better quality aspects of work and play.

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