Monday, 28 June 2010

Jamie's Italian Milsom Place Bath - Italian Food in Ye Olde Roman Town

Whilst on a day trip to the glorious city of Bath, home of the Bath Spa and Johnny Depp amongst other things, my better half and I were intrigued at the prospect of visiting a Jamie Oliver restaurant, especially the Italian. Since we are both fans and I have managed to follow his Italian recipes churning out some truly tantalising food (not so much a testament to my cooking abilities but to the recipes themselves) it seemed inevitable that even a glimpse at the place was needed. Thanks to a lovely local lady who gave us some helpful directions (without whom we would never have found the place), we made our way to Milsom Place, a very plush and intricately laid out shopping centre thankfully devoid of any high street chains that seemed to have graced the Southgate Shopping Centre.

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Otto Zitko and Louise Bourgeois –The Ultimate Duo of Abstract

If the purpose of abstract art is to create a composition that exists with a degree of independence from visual references in the world, then Viennese king of abstract Otto Zitko, has achieved that in droves.

His work is unique and epitomises the very essence of abstract in that they principally consist of lines travelling in all directions be it horizontal, vertical or circular and of varied density, seemingly in a random pattern. The truly unique feature however is that the canvas is the walls and ceilings of the buildings in which his work is housed. Bristol’s very own Arnolfini down on Narrow Quay is the latest to have Gallery 1 as well as its halls decked with the great man’s free handed improvised visual scribbles.