Thursday 4 August 2011

CrowdFlower Unveils New Executive Line Up

One of the world's leading providers of crowdsourcing solutions, CrowdFlower has announced a new line up to the company's executive team. Woodson "Woody" Hobbs has been named the new CEO of CrowdFlower replacing the current CEO and founder Lukas Biewald. Joining Hobbs will be Richard Arnold (with whom Hobbs has worked with previously) to assume the post of chief financial officer and vice president of strategy and corporate development.

Woody Hobbs brings to his new role a wealth of long term executive experience as well as an understanding of the technology business. His previous roles include CEO of Phoenix Technologies and Intellisync, and CIO of leading investment corporation , Charles Schwab. It was during his latter role that Hobbs led the way in technology design and product innovation which doubled productivity and saw the company's customer base increase from 200,000 to over 2 million. 

Richard Arnold worked with Hobbs at the same companies as COO and CFO of Phoenix Technologies, Chairman of the Board of the Audit Committee at Intellisync and CFO and executive vice president for strategy and corporate development. In these roles, Arnold was instrumental in driving operational excellence whilst developing effective product strategies.

The addition of Woody and Rich is a milestone for CrowdFlower as a company and crowdsourcing as an industry. Such an endorsement underscores the fundamental role that crowdsourcing will play in the enterprise as the future of work becomes virtual, scalable, and pay as you go. I'm excited to have Woody and Rich on board to help make it happen. - Lukas Biewald, Executive Chairman and Founder CrowdFlower
Since it was launched in 2007, CrowdFlower has grown into one of the world's leaders in enterprise crowdsourcing. CrowdFlower's crowdsourcing platform helps tackle problems such as product categorization, funding, and data processing. Under the leadership of its founder Luka Biewald,  CrowdFlower's clients range from small startups to Fortune 500 giants all of whom benefit from the increased flexibility, turnaround time and cost savings that crowdsourcing can offer. 

With the appointments of both Woody Hobbs and Richard Arnold along with Biewalk staying on as executive chairman, the company has the opportunity to capitalise on growth opportunities and take advantage of previously unrealised markets. CrowdFlower could also venture into technical innovation which would help introduce crowdsourcing solutions into those new markets.

Image Credit; Sunsets For You

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