Wednesday 3 August 2011

Crowdsourcing Helps With Photographers Earning Potential

Photographers all over the world can now find potential work and reap financial rewards thanks to an Australian based website. makes finding suitable images for buyers much easier with its global community of 1300 photographers. The site announced on 2nd August it is looking to increase the number of photographers within its community offering potential registrants the prospect of working with various blue chip clients and especially world renowned advertising agencies.

Whether it's journalists, ad agencies or even web designers, all are aware of the difficulties involved in finding the right images for their project. The  task of trawling through online digital libraries containing countless images can be quite daunting especially if unsuccessful in finding the right one. The ImageBrief site acts as an intermediary between professional photographers and potential buyers, and registration with the site is free.
We are creating the situation of putting suppliers and the end users together - in this case photographers and those requiring photographic images. Our sophisticated and moderated use of crowd-sourcing techniques allows creative clients the opportunity to brief photographers on their exact needs, saving them time and money. - Meg Moss, Co-Founder ImageBrief
Clients looking for images upload a brief of their requirements to the site for the community of photographers to review. The photographers (image providers) then in turn respond with a selection of images from their portfolio. The buyer can select a single and/or multiple images from more than one provider. Upon a successful bid, the image provider receives 70% of the license fee offered by the buyer whilst retaining the intellectual property rights of the images. 

ImageBrief  is looking to increase the numbers of its global community of image providers as well as fresh images to bolster its increasing library. Specifically the company is looking for photographers specialising in the following fields; 
  • nature and wildlife
  • fashion and lifestyle
  • sports and recreation
  • design and architecture. 
For photographers, ImageBrief offers the potential to earn double the average commission rate. This allows any photographer looking to earn a living from their craft the opportunity to market their portfolio of work to high profile clients and retain copyright of their material. Further information including details of current briefs along with full terms and conditions can be found at the ImageBrief website.

Image Credit; Thamid Munaz

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