Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Crowdsourcing Your Own Fantasy Shops

The Nation of Shopkeepers interactive illustration was launched on 2nd August 2011 from the Peckham Space art venue. The exhibition allows visitors to the venue to create their own fantasy shop over a carefully sketched outline of Peckham's Rye Lane shops. However following the riots  which hit many parts of the UK, the organisers have extended the invitation to people at home to create their own row of Pechkam shops.

Garudio Studiage is a Peckham based collective of creative individuals who specialise in a variety of artistic skills. The group also participates in an array of art exhibitions and events as well as building props, displays, and an assortment of products which include the Wildlife of London Tote Bag and the Flat Pets range. The studio's most recent project, Hidden Cameras examined the multiple meanings of the sign "Hidden Cameras in Operation" and featured their most bizarre product, the Paparazzi Mirror.

The Nation of Shopkeepers exhibit was initially an interactive exhibition only, forming part of Peckham Space's free summer Art Clubs for young people. It's purpose is to celebrate the architecture of Peckham's Rye Lane shops, and generally have fun with a blank canvas. The exhibition features large scale line drawings of the Rye Lane shopping area. The shop fronts and signs are left blank for visitors to the exhibition to fill in the spaces with their own fantasy shops. The recent London riots, however, which spread to Peckham saw some of businesses on Rye Lane fall victim to arsonists and looting. The team at Garudio Studiage have urged for a more positive response for the community.

Garudio Studiage have released a Nation of Shopkeepers colouring book which can be purchased from their online shop. The book, which only costs £5.00, consists of 10 drawings from the exhibition. All proceeds from the sales of the colouring book will be donated to Peckham Space who are currently raising funds for their winter Art Clubs. The riots have done much damage to property and morale in Peckham, and Garudio Studiage hope that by supporting Nation of Shopkeepers and Peckham Space, the wounds of the community will begin to mend. 

Image Credit; Garudio Studiage

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