Tuesday 30 August 2011

Crowsource Latest Update Fuels Worker Competition

One of the leaders in the provisions of crowdsourcing services, Crowdsource LLC has announced the launch of a new update to its Scaleable Workforce platform. Currently a beta release, worker profiles acts as a motivational mechanism to encourage friendly competition amongst its workforce as well as provide an effective tool for performance measurement.

Consisting of a team of twenty workers based in Swansea, Illinois, Crowdsource LLC provides exclusively to Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk), a Scaleable Workforce platform designed for better project and workforce management. MTurk from Amazon has become a leading marketplace providing a diverse on-demand workforce. MTurk also provides workers with a range of tasks to perform that suits their skills and expertise, and performed around their own personal timetable. Crowdsource has, through their platform, recruits thousands of workers to compete up to 100,000 tasks per month which include product categorization, editorial tasks, and transcription.

There has been some controversy concerning MTurk, especially with regards to pay, however Crowdsource boast workforce satisfaction as a key focus of its operations. Crowdsource workers are reported to earn above minimum wage, with some even earning up to $15 per hour,  and feedback from the workers is encouraged. The worker profiles addition will allow workers to measure their performance against the fellow members. This encourages them to set their own personal benchmarks, and facilitates friendly competition amongst the worker members.
Worker satisfaction is a major focus for our team. We believe that in order to keep our workers happy, we need to provide an online environment filled with all of the same motivational mechanisms found within the traditional workplace. Friendly competition and desire to reach the front of the pack are important to overall worker fulfilment. - Stephanie Leffler, CEO Crowdsource
Worker profiles also allows worker members to review their past work, collate and analyse moderator comments, and find work that is more in line with their interests. In their continued efforts to make the online workplace more competitive, the worker members have something to strive for. There also talks of a complete career system to be implemented rewarding workers for hitting benchmarks targets, all of this making the workforce marketplace even more attractive.

Image Credit; Total Aldo

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