Tuesday 2 August 2011

Music Production Gets the Social Media Makeover

Musicians are no doubt already aware of the power of social media and the internet to promote themselves and their material with sites such as YouTube and Facebook. YouMusic.com is the latest social media platform available to musicians and designed to specifically enable them to spread their music to a much wider audience.

Whilst conventional social networking sites are suitable for this purpose, YouMusic.com is specifically geared to creating a one stop shop for independent fledgling artists to share their music with interested fans and music lovers alike. 

The site is free to use and incorporates users' existing social networking accounts to access their YouMusic page. Once logged in, artists will have their video and audio files along with blog posts added to their YouMusic page. At the same time the site will post updated material to their Facebook wall and Twitter feeds, all of which are easily accessible by their fans.
We are constantly looking to add more value to independent musicians. Our latest deployment is the ability for musicians to fast-track the login process with their social media logins such as Facebook, Twitter, Gmail and LinkedIn, which also leads to their ability to promote their new music to the social media. - Shelva Navah, CEO YouMusic Inc.

The advantage of YouMusic over other social networking sites is that it affords users more time. Using social media to promote music can be time consuming especially if artists rely on other means to generate income. The YouMusic platform provides a central hub from which users can promote their material across different sites without having to carry out numerous tasks. This makes it easier for the artists to maximise the promotion possibilities of their music whilst able to fit it all around their busy life. 

Image Credit; Pip R. Lagenta

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