Tuesday 23 August 2011

MusicRevolution Offers Crowdsourced Music for Business Needs

Finding the right music to suit your business needs, whether it be hold music for your telephone system or something for your website, can be difficult, especially where copyright is involved. MusicRevolution is a crowdsourcing platform that offers potential customers quality produced royalty free music for just about every business need, which also benefits its crowd of musicians with regular work and recognition.

The company was founded by Chris Cardell and Mike Bielenberg in April 2010 to provide a unique music marketplace beneficial to both the buyers and its registered community musicians. Both founders bring a wealth of experience to this ambitious enterprise. Cardell served as president of Juptermedia (JUPM) developing and acquiring numerous royalty-free music libraries. Bielenberg was General Manager for the music production side of JUPM's parent company Jupiterimages and also founded BBM, a royalty-free music licensing site later acquired by JUPM.  

MusicRevolution customers can purchase music as individual tracks, part of a compilation CD, or even subscribe to an annual subscription allowing them to download or stream up to 50 tracks. On average a single track costs $49.99 (£31) and comes with a standard licensing agreement, allowing the buyer to use the tracks many times and for any project active at time of purchase. CD compilations can be purchased for $119 ($73) however if a buyer purchases a subscription they can download any 50 tracks at $8 (£5) per track totalling £399.99 (£250). MusicRevolution also offers non-profit organisations use of it's catalogue of tracks free of charge.

Whilst the buyer is licensed to use the material as they see fit, subject to restrictions, the composers still retain full ownership to the copyright. This allows the musicians to continue distributing their music either for promotion or further earnings through other channels.  In exchange for their work, composers receive 50% for every individual track, CD and subscription sold. Royalties for CD and subscriptions sales are pro-rated, based on the volume of the composer's tracks compared to the total downloaded. In addition composers also receive 25% of sales of the music stream, again pro-rated according to the number of each composers' tracks used. 

In licensing music in this manner MusicRevolution can provide an extensive library of crowdsourced music (currently at over 10,000) at affordable prices for the buyer. The licensing arrangements, which have some restrictions, allow for the music to be used more freely without worrying about breaching copyright. Music Revolution also provides the musicians the potential to earn money from their music whilst at the same time retaining ownership. For further details visit the MusicRevolution help page.

Image Credit; Photosteve 101

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