Thursday, 1 September 2011

Clickworker Partners With International Museum for Major Crowdsourcing Project

The world renowned George Eastman House International Museum of Photography and Film is planning a large scale project that would see its vast collection of photographs available to the world. For this mammoth task the museum has called on the services of Clickworker, one of the leading providers of crowdsourced workers. The goal is to bring the museum's archives of over 400,000 images to the digital age for the world to enjoy.

Since it was founded in 2006, Clickworker has amassed a workforce of over 120,000 members covering a wide range of skills and expertise. With its innovate crowdsourcing technology, Clickworker breaks down a role into microtasks which are then assigned throughout its community of workers. Of those many tasks Clickworker specialises, photo tagging and categorization have been called on for this project. George Eastman House is looking for Clickworker's members to tag and catalogue each image within its archives. 
Clickworker is excited to help the renowned George Eastman House archive world art and history in our latest corporate responsibility project. It’s not just one country or one cause – but we’re actually helping archive the world. The collection offers the most intimate look at the pioneers of photography and their art. It is truly a perfect partnership to showcase our international and multifaceted services. And as a result, the world will have an accessible visual library. - Wolfgang Kitza, CEO, Clickworker
The George Eastman House museum was founded in 1947 on the estate of George Eastman founder of photography giant Kodak. It boasts the biggest collection of photographic images in the world spanning two centuries, with over half a million images from 9,000 photographers, including Lewis Hine, Alexander Gardner, and Nickolas Muray. The collection and archives feature original dauerrotypes from 19th century America with iconic images such as President Lincoln's assassination conspirators, and portraits of some of Hollywood's 20th century legends. 

Clickworker's crowd of workers will be able to sift through the archives tagging and categorising these famous photographs. The goal of this partnership is to make the museum's archives digitally accessible and easy to find. 

The inclusion of Clickworker will not only make available its global workforce and professional insight but will make available the option of crowdsourcing the archives in different languages allowing its internationally focussed collections to be more accessible. It is worth noting that of the images being viewed, tagged and catalogued, some of these will be digitally accessible to the public for the first time. 

Image Credits; Clickworker
Marilyn Monroe (1952) by Nickolas Muray - Property of George Eastman House

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