Friday, 9 September 2011

CrowdFlower Reaches Out to Publicise CrowdConf Through Crowdsourcing

Anyone who has been following the rapid growth over the years of crowdsourcing around the world would no doubt have heard of CrowdConf, the world's first dedicated crowdsourcing conference. The two day annual event, which will be held in San Francisco on 1st November 2011, is sponsored by some of the leading organisations in crowdsourcing to promote the rise and use of crowdsourcing through a variety of workshops, activities and of course guest speakers sharing their thoughts and encouraging debate. 

One of the world's crowdsourcing leaders, CrowdFlower is working in conjunction with other conference partners to promote CrowdConf 2011 with a series of crowdsourcing contests.The organisers have been searching for a way to promote awareness of the conference by engaging the crowd in a creative and informative manner. 
CrowdConf thrives to identify opportunities to work with and support partners within the industry all the while making sound business decisions regarding best practices for our event. Marketing represents an outstanding opportunity to maximize the benefits of crowdsourcing and harness creative ways to engage our audience. - Lukas Biewald, Founder and Chairman, CrowdFlower
Since many of the partners are leaders in the field of crowdsource design, innovation and promotion, a range of competitions seemed the perfect method in which to make all aware of crowdsoucing's leading international event. Some of the contests include the following;

  • CrowdFlower has partnered with fellow sponsors 99Designs, a leader in crowdsourced graphic design initiatives, to create a t-shirt design contest. Participants will be asked to design a CrowdConf 2011 t-shirt with a cash prize of $500 for the winner up for grabs. Further details on the 99Designs contest page.
  • Crowdsortium, a collective of crowdsourcing leaders ranging from information outlets to practitioners has invited its members to compete for a free exhibitor table at CrowdConf 2011. Participants must submit a blog detailing why they should be considered the most promising practitioners of crowdsourcing and thus be awarded the free spot. Blogs must be submitted by 23rd September 2011 at 11.00am. Visit the website for further details. 
  • Conference sponsor CrowdTogether, provider of a free social media marketing platform that incorporates crowdsourcing, has launched a design contest for a CrowdConf poster. The deadline for submissions is 23rd September 2011 and the winning design will be designated the official poster for CrowdConf, with winners being awarded free tickets to the conference.Visit the CrowdTogether website for more details.
  • CloudFactory is a platform that provides for the creation of a crowdsourced workforce or virtual assembly line. The platform is currently in beta form, and participation is by invitation only. CloudFactory is sponsoring the first ever hack-a-thon, known as the CrowdHack. The event will occur on 1st November 2011 and involve 24 participants challenged to create a project, app or hack within 12 hours. Winners will be chosen to showcase their project and presented with a "unique prize".
Tickets for CrowdConf are available from the website along with information on nearby hotel accommodation, as well as information on guest speakers and topics to be covered. This is an excellent opportunity to meet and network with some of the leading providers of crowdsourcing services, gaining first hand insight and information on the latest crowdsourcing developments. It also promises to be a lot of fun. 

Image Credit; eandiwu

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