Tuesday 13 September 2011

Crowdsourcing Makes Online Shopping Easier with Get.com

Shopping online may have taken the hassle and stress from the hustle and bustle of the high streets. Yet finding the right product at the right price can still prove frustrating, trundling through endless mixed reviews and recommendations. Get.com, a new web platform launched today, utilises the power of the crowd to make searching online for goods more reliable.

Get.com was founded by Steven Fruchter and and Jake Gold, whose successful entrepreneurial  track record lie in the development of online communities and technologies. The two founders served as CEO and CTO respectively of Stickam.com, the first live video streaming network, which under their helmsmanship has seen the network grow into the most active online streaming provider to over 8.5 million registered users. The idea behind Get.com stemmed from having identified a gap in the e-commerce market. Whilst the likes of Amazon ably provide purchasing services, the process leading to the purchase decision was found to be lacking.
This is just one of those obvious services the web needs. Where people who are passionate and have experience in an area, form communities around helping others figure out what is the best choice for their needs. It just makes sense: Tailored needs answered by smart, unbiased people. - Steven Fruchter, co-founder, Get.com
The principle behind the site is simple. A shopper searching for a product types in a question, for example; what is the best electric toothbrush for sensitive gums under $100? A crowdsourced answer is then provided based on suggestions, reviews and recommendations made by the site's vast community or crowd. 

Whereas such information is scattered throughout the web by way of consumer sites, forums and blogs, Get.com acts as a one stop centre for consumer data. It is also a hub for individuals with mutual tastes and interests to get together sharing views and discovering new products. Get.com was launched today at DEMO 2011, an exhibition being held in Silicone Valley, California designed to showcase the latest technological developments. 

Acknowledgements: Thanks to Steven Fruchter
Image Credit; Get.com

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