Monday, 19 September 2011

Crowdsourcing Variations on the Classic Nokia Tune

Mobile phone giant, Nokia has launched a crowdsourcing challenge for people from all over the world to create their own composition of their famous ringtone. The winning composition will be awarded a cash prize and feature as the ringtone of choice on selected models.

The Nokia tone which originated from the Spanish composer Francisco Tárrega's famous Grand Vals, has become the most famous tune since it first featured on the Nokia 2100 series in 1994. It is instantly recognisable and has become the centrepiece of all Nokia advertising campaigns. It has even been lampooned by the likes of British comedian Dom Joly. Reports estimate that the Nokia tune has been listened to over one billion times a day.

Nokia have launched the campaign in partnership with AudioDraft, a crowdsourcing platform that enables its users to easily build a crowdsourced music contest. Nokia are looking for a new sound  that is distinctively Nokia, and encourage entrants to experiment with the Nokia tunes. Those participating can create new parts, sounds, and even insert new arrangements. Compositions should have a running time of no more than 30 seconds and must be submitted by 2nd October 2011.

The entries can be submitted via Nokia's AudioDraft page, where visitors can listen to the entries and vote on their favourite tunes. Five finalists will be chosen from those who receive the most "likes", with a further five by a jury, made up by some of the biggest names in audio branding including TED and SoundCloud. The winner will be awarded a cash prize of $10,000 and their composition featured on over 100 million Nokia devices. The tune will also be freely available for download in the Ovi store, along with the works of five runners who will also receive a $1,000 cash prize.

Further details about the contest can be viewed by clicking here.

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