Monday, 5 September 2011

Cyberpunk Short Flim Looks to Crowdfunding for Support

What would you do if you woke up one morning with a smartphone glued to your hand showing an unreadable code and a clock counting down to zero? That is just one of the many mysteries facing the protagonist of, Reboot, a cyberpunk story  from award winning writer and director Joe Kawasaki. Filming is due to start in September and in order to find the necessary funding, a crowdfunding campaign was launched through the platform Kickstarter. The sum of $12,000 is needed to complete the project and since launching $11,387 has been raised with only three days left to find the balance, at the time of posting.

Reboot is a co-production between Joe Kawasaki and producer Sidney Sherman of Rosa Entertainment, the company behind renowned projects like Lonely Hearts  starring John Travolta and Salma Hayek. It's eerie storyline is reminiscent of the works of Franz Kafka and William S Burroughs, with all the hallmarks of the cyberpunk genre. The interaction of human and  technology which is at the cornerstone of many of the best cyberpunk stories, is a key theme of the film inspired by the real life increasing advent of technology, virtual connectivity and how it is used today.
It (the film) was originally designed to simply be a great little ride, but as real world events keep developing around us (regarding issues of cyber-freedom, online privacy, security, etc.); the connotation of the film evolves and changes with it. - Joe Kawasaki Writer/Director, Reboot
The project has already received the support of 93 backers and for anybody with a love of science fiction, especially cyberpunk, there are some exciting rewards in exchange for your pledge. Supporters can donate as little as $1 for which they will receive exclusive updates from the film makers as to the film's progress. From $10 supporters will be given a "Special Thanks" credit at the end of the finished film. Other rewards, depending on how much is pledged, include limited memorabilia such as; personalised DVDs of the finished project, CD recording of the film's musical score signed by it's composer, and unique digital downloads. 

Once filming has been completed it will be scheduled for a 2012 release to be be viewed at various international film festivals including Sundance, Berlin and Cannes. Those who pledge a significant amount to the project will not only receive memorabilia and acknowledgements on the film's credit etc, they will also have access to all stages of production and be invited to view the films at all the festivals. 

For more information about the project, its creator, and the rewards available, visit the Reeboot Kickstarter page by clicking here and help the project reach its $12,000 target.

Acknowledgements; Thank you to Sidney Sherman of Rosa Entertainment.

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