Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Gazette Profile; RocketHub

The Gazette profile casts its eye across the Atlantic to a platform that over a short time has become one of the biggest global providers of crowdfunding services to a host of creative projects. 

RocketHub was founded in February 2010 by film maker & musician Brian Meece, and technology & business consultant Vladimir Vukicevic. Its singular mission is to help creative projects into the light of day by tapping into the power of the crowd. A peruse through the site reveals a creative endeavour using the vivid notion of a project as the rocket in need of fuel (funds) which is being sought from fuellers (investors). Yet RocketHub is more than just aesthetically distinct from other crowdfunding sites. 

RocketHub is the first in the crowdfunding industry to expand into brand and media partnerships, offering "LaunchPads" beyond funding to creative people, and creating a new avenue for companies to celebrate their brands, access fresh talent and build the “right” audience. - Brian Meece, Co-founder
RocketHub works on the principle of "launch, fund and fly" and goes beyond simply providing a platform from which to attract investors. RocketRub aims to help advance the careers of its creative community members with launchpad opportunities. These are crowdsourced campaigns open to entrants from all over the world but is free to RocketHub creatives with successfully fuelled projects. RocketHub works with leading individuals and organisations to afford those who are selected to work with those names, such as Gibson guitars, or even have their work viewed and critiqued by field leaders at major events.

In helping projects get the funding needed, RocketHub appreciates that this is no easy task and offers help through its sister site also known as the Crowdfunding Bootcamp. The site contains comprehensive components vital to launching a successful campaign and features the article The Crowdfunding Manifesto which has been presented to over 10,000 people at prominent events such as SXSW and The Recording Academy. Creatives can also take advantage of the intricate crowdfunding tool kit and site forum for further advice and information.

It has been a very fast and busy year for RocketHub, one which has seen it grow into one of the leading crowdfunding platforms with some 25% of projects reaching their funding target. One project, Extra Credits, reached it's funding target of $15,000 within 4 days of launching and has raised a total of $100,000. In addition, RocketHub is now a member of Crowdsortium and will play a role in the upcoming CrowdConf 2011. With ambitions to expand globally coupled with the potential for crowdfunding to help rebuild economies, the future certainly looks even brighter for the team at RocketHub.

Acknowledgements; Thanks to Brian Meece for taking the time to speak to me. 
Image Credits; Jen Montes

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  1. So many philanthrophers like Meece here have found creative ways to tap into the power of cyberspace to promote not just their causes but any sustainable projects that can be realized with enough public support and acceptance. The beauty is that we are not just talking about their local area but the support of the world.