Friday 2 September 2011

New Crowdfunding Platform For Jewish and Israeli Projects

A new crowdfunding platform was launched on Wednesday 31st August 2011 dedicated to help raise funds for Jewish and Israeli causes. JCrowd, is dedicated to helping causes and startups find funding and garner support via its platform that incorporates a social networking hub to help manage and promote the ventures.

The platform is powered by, a site based in Los Angeles that specialises in cutting edge web designs geared to managing all aspects of any crowdfunding project. Based in Israel, JCrowd's social networking component can build a support base at grassroots level, which can ordinarily be difficult and expensive to muster. By tapping into that crowd, a project has a better chance of success. The platform is also makes it easier to manage every aspect of the venture from posting to promoting and managing the flow of funds and support.
JCrowd is unique among crowdfunding platforms in that its own social network includes exactly the people who would most likely support Jewish and Israeli causes and startups.  Fundraising campaigns that post to JCrowd are therefore more likely to receive support from and develop relationships with people outside project owners' immediate circle of friends - Moshe Tokayer, CEO/Founder, JCrowd
JCrowd has already attracted several projects looking for support. These include;
  • Healing Broken Hearts - an organisation dedicated to coordinating efforts with some of Israel's renowned hospitals to bring children suffering from heart defects from Gaza and Iraq to Tel Aviv.
  • Noam Elimelech - Funds are being sought for this project to translate prominent Hassidic text into English making it more accessible.
  • Maccabi USA Pan American Games - A basketball player from Maryland is seeking funds for himself and his team mates to travel to Brazil in December and compete in the games.

If you have a project that would be suitable and would benefit from JCrowd's services, or wish to fund a project then click here to visit the site.

Image Credit; JCrowd

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