Wednesday 7 September 2011

Social Business Networking Platform Announces Latest Upgrades

One of the latest business information and social networking platforms, GageIn has announced upgrades to its service making it easier  for users to share valuable information with their clients, effectively network and promote their businesses. In addition to service enhancements, GageIn has added incentives for new users who register today looking for another way to build their business online. 

One of the stars of this year's DEMO conference held in San Francisco, GageIn is the only business-networking platform that is content run. GageIn acts as a hub for sought after quality business content which is shared amongst its users looking for ways to enhance their business need.GageIn's algorithm searches through millions of news sources which can then be filtered to the users' dashboard or email inbox. The system also operates like any other social media site allowing users to track and follow individuals and companies by keeping update with their streams as well as tagging and sharing information. 
Busy professionals want business intelligence gathering and social networking tools that can help them cut through the data clutter, save time, and act on information faster.Based on feedback we've received, we wanted to simplify and optimize the GageIn platform to allow users to find better content and receive insights from their peers more efficiently. - Luosheng Peng, CEO, GageIn
The new enhancements to GageIn include an aesthetically revised interface which not only gives   the platform a new look and feel but will allow users to better access their aggregated content from their business ecosystems. Content will be easier to filter and read as well as access news and updates from all media outlets and social media platforms. Users will also be to track keywords to monitor real-time news and updates, as well as create saved search alerts which deliver  updates via email. As well as pulling data and updates from Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, GageIn will pull in all comments on shared content. This makes it easier for users to track shared conversations and gain an insight into their business ecosystem.  

As well as performance and interface enhancements, GageIn offers new users who sign up to build their network of business contacts can earn referral points. These points, awarded for referring new users to GageIn, can be traded in upgrades, features, and prizes. GageIn is all about empowering business professionals to better build contacts and expand their business, thus putting the business in social networking.  

Image Credit; V Talk

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