Monday 10 October 2011

Lingotek Launches Crowdsourcing Contest for CrowdConf2011

Another leading crowdsourcing service provider has announced a competition in conjunction with the upcoming CrowdConf 2011. Lingotek, a world leader in the provision of collaborative translation solutions is offering fans the opportunity to win a unique prize by simply writing an essay on the importance of language translation in business. The winners will be announced at this year's CrowdConf event to be held in San Francisco on 1st and 2nd November.

Founded in 2005 Lingotek has grown into one of the leading providers of translation services. Lingotek's platform incorporates crowdsourcing to provide high quality translated documents at a fraction of the price compared to traditional providers. Many organisations have benefited from Lingotek's unique services, from government agencies, small professional firms and fortune 500 giants.

The CrowdConf contest is aimed at highlighting the advantages of high end quality translation services. To that end participants are invited to first of all visit and "like"  
the Lingotek Facebook page for full details of the contest's rules and requirements. Participants must produce an essay of no more than 500 words detailing the importance of  language translation for business. Entries will be judged by a panel made up of some of the leaders in crowdsourcing including; Rob Vandenberg, CEO and President of Lingotek, Woody Hobbs CEO of CrowdFlower along with founder & Chairman Lukas Biewald, and David Bratvold founder of the Daily Crowdsource.
The power of the crowd gives companies unprecedented efficiency in achieving their business goals. By harnessing communities for translation, Lingotek's enterprise customers save time and money on premium-quality translations to access and engage new markets. There's no better place to showcase the benefits of collaborative translation than at CrowdConf2011, the world's premier crowdsourcing conference. - Rob Vandenberg, CEO Lingotek
Deadline for entries is 21st October 2011 and winners will be announced at the CrowdConf event. The prizes up for grabs include a year's free use of the Lingotek platform (hosted version)  as well as a pair of CrowdConf tickets, with combined worth of over $36,000. To enter visit the Lingotek Facebook page, "like" it and start crafting that star essay.

Image Credit; Cervus

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