Monday 3 October 2011

Trans Continental Partnership Give SMEs Boost with Crowdsourcing

UK based website,, a leading provider of business solutions has announced its partnership with India's crowdsourcing leader Jade Magnet. The partnership aims to provide small and medium sized business (SMEs) in the UK and the rest of the world with cost-effective creative services. is a web based platform that provides SMEs with definitive answers on all aspects of business. Whether it's finding a friendly bank that will provide that all important loan or advice on how to build a client network, can help find the answer through its community of business people. The company was founded by former journalist, broadcaster, and writer David Nobel to help businesses by providing real time human answers to business concerns, in place of vague and unhelpful search engine results.

India's first crowdsourcing platform Jade Magnet provides crowdsourced marketing services across various media. Over 450 brands have benefited from Jade Magnet's community of 5000 service providers working in advertising, branding, graphic design, and product design. Within three years the company aims to become the top provider of creative crowdsourcing services for SMEs across the world. 

This transcontinental partnership is the first of many with solution based providers to help build's Solution Centre. The move is in response to observations of numerous user requests for trusted service and technology providers. look at potential partners' key indicators such as quality of work, history, and branding. founder David Noble has praised Jade Magnet's reputation for high quality web-based design and marketing services that are also cost effective.
As we grow, we are adding providers from the across the globe to create an ecosystem that has multi-cultural understanding and is capable of providing creative solutions for various kinds of audiences. The UK is one of the world’s most important markets and is helping us to reach out to the country’s millions of small and medium sized businesses. - Manik Kinra Co-Founder and CMO Jade Magnet
To celebrate the launching of this partnership, Jade Magnet has also announced a promotional offer. Any SMEs coming through can claim a discount of 20% on Jade Magnet's web design and marketing crowdsourced solutions. This can be claimed by quoting the promotional code JMAM131. 

Image Credit; Josh Staiger

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