Wednesday 26 October 2011

UK Crowdfunding Platform Offers Creatives Opportunity to Win Grant

One of the newest UK crowdfunding platforms, is  offering creatives the opportunity submit a project and be in with a chance of being award a further funding grant. Creatives with the most popular creative project can win a grant of up to £1,000 to help make their dream a reality. was established this year by Tarkan Ahmet and James Bailey, to offer creatives a hub through which to obtain funding for their dream projects and offering potential investors the opportunity to be part of something exciting that fits their passions. Projects currently seeking funding include novels, magazines, films & documentaries, and and even a live web streaming channel featuring live coverage of tennis matches and other racket based sports.

The opportunity to receive an extra funding grant is not only aiming to encourage more people to post their projects and/or invest but also to encourage support from the platform's Facebook fans and Twitter followers. Taking part is simple enough. First it is important to register with as only projects submitted through them will be considered. When registering it is import to ensure that full information is featured on the profile including a profile picture. Once the project is submitted it will then be considered for the grant.

Grants will be awarded on 25th November 2011, so it is important that projects be submitted at the earliest opportunity. A panel made up of the team and industry experts, along with Facebook fans and Twitter followers will review which projects should be considered. Feedback by way of "likes" on Facebook as well tweets and general comments will be reviewed, based on the most creative, novel and original concept. The most popular project will be declared the winner and awarded a grant of £1,000 with a runner up receiving £500.

If you have a winning idea and would like to participate then register your profile at website making sure to read the terms and conditions.

Image Credit; Comedy Nose

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