Monday, 21 November 2011

CrowdControl Transforms Crowdsourced Sentiment Analysis with Latest A.I. Solutions

One of the leading providers of human sentiment analysis, CrowdControl has launched a new application providing businesses with crowdsourcing solutions designed to better manage vast chunks of data at a fraction of the cost. The new platform provides high quality results by combining human sentiment analysis with the latest artificial intelligence (A.I) technology to better help companies keep in a constantly changing market. 

Based in Seattle, CrowdControl was founded by Max Yankelevich who also helped establish the leading platform for cloud service management, Freedom OSS. Yankelevich, along with startup expert and co-founder Andrew Volkov, looked to address the shortfalls of manual and automatic crowdsourced data management and authentication processes. At a time when (potential) customers are making their views known on social networking sites every second, manual crowdsourcing solutions, even with an online of community of thousands of members, have difficulty processing vast amounts of information. Automated solutions cannot recognise and process data sentiment such as sarcastic tweets. 

The unique formula of CrowdControl blends state of the art high end A.I. technology with the power of human judgement, and makes conventional crowdsourcing platforms available to all. This combination makes it possible for systems to cope with large incoming data chunks, process them at speed and provide superior quality results, which is also cost effective.
Gone are the days of Wild West crowdsourcing. We're introducing manageability to the equation - and this ability to control large data sets will power businesses that aren't yet imagined. Companies build their businesses around pennies and we can give them that precision in high-quality data sets, cheaper and quicker than alternatives on the market today. - Max Yankelevich, co-founder CEO CrowdControl

CrowdControl's innovative solution gives businesses a significant competitive advantage over others by providing manageable quality data, which can be used to enhance and expand their operations. This type of next generation marketing for a rapidly increasing digital age provides the sort of data that can help businesses to better under how bonds between humans and brands are formed. 
Image Credits; Brew Books

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