Monday 14 November 2011

Evolution of Crowdsourcing

Gazette Contributor Manik Kinra shares his thoughts on the rise of crowdsourcing and what the future holds for the industry.

Since the "formal" advent of the term crowdsourcing, the model has come a long way. The industry has also come a long way with companies in design, testing, ideation, innovation etc. Not only have many startups have grown thanks to the crowdsourcing model but last few years have seen these startups spread wings across the globe from developed economies like US, UK, Europe, Australia to growth economies like Middle East, India etc. 

On the way there have been companies and individuals who have written off crowdsourcing for various reasons while others have tried and benefited from the model. The last two years has also seen the industry becoming more mature with analysts like Crowdsourcing.Org, The Daily Crowdsource coming in and conferences like CrowdConference taking place, all to take this to the next league. However, like any model or industry, crowdsourcing has a long way to go. There are still challenges and issues, and there are still geographies who haven't even heard the term.

As the model evolves, many early movers will have to step into shoes of industry veterans, researchers, analysts etc to help the model mature. Compare crowdsourcing to outsourcing and we need to have people who can understand how to manage the crowd force, how to increase their efficiencies, how to keep them motivated from provider perspective. From a customers perspective more effort needs to go into helping understand how the model can benefit them, how to build required documents, how to drive the disconnected environment, and still achieve the results.

The coming years surely are going to be extremely exciting for crowdsourcing and a lot will be seen happening within the industry.

Image Credit; Juhan Sonin

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