Wednesday, 9 November 2011

[Gazette Profile] FundaGeek Helping Technology Innovators Get Funded

The Gazette profile is proud to feature a new crowdfunding platform, based in California for technology and scientific projects in need of funding. 

A new crowdfunding platform has recently launched that looks to help scientific and technological projects get the funding they need. Called FundaGeek, its focus is very much on technical innovation and basic research into commercial products and services such as software & hardware development, inventions, robotics, bio technology, as well as alternative energy. The company also encourages projects involving  basic research in the physical and life sciences. 

FundaGeek was founded by Cary Harwin and Daniel Gutierrez, both with extensive backgrounds in technology, marketing and finance. Over the last thirty years Cary has, as President and CEO of a number of successful startups, been present at the forefront of ground breaking developments in the introduction of computers and development of software in accounting, tax and finance services.  Cary is also President and CEO of his own software company Catalyst Development Corporation. As a graduate of UCLA with a BS in Mathematics & Computer Science, FundaGeek co-founder and CEO Daniel Gutierrez's knowledge  is renowned. For over 18 years Daniel was an instructor for the Business and Management department of UCLA as well as eight years as technical writer and editor for Data Based Advisor Magazine. Decades of working in these fields have given Cary and Daniel the insight and understanding of these markets, making them suited to help technologist entrepreneurs target their idea to the right market.

Applicants looking to submit their project for crowdfunding can do so easily with FundaGeek's project wizard to guide through the simple process. Like most crowdfunding platforms FundaGeek ask for at least 5% of the total funds raised. In return, as well as a platform from which to seek out potential investors, FundaGeek will offer assistance and promote the projects through social media to better attract willing investors. Where it differs from other platforms however is project owners can opt to pay 9% in return for a more premium service agreement. 

FundaGeek's 'Premium Marketing Resource' offers more substantial services to help that goes beyond simple promotion through their own social network. For example, project owners are encouraged to write press releases announcing details of their project to be followed by subsequent releases providing progress updates.These are presented to FundaGeek along with certain keywords which will then be searched through a database of over two million writers, editors and publications. If any match or relate to the keywords provided then the releases are distributed to those on the list. FundaGeek also monitor over 20 million blogs for any mention of the project name. Postings found to feature those projects are then added to a daily digest with contact details for the project owners to provide update and follow up leads. 

Many of the crowdfunding platforms concentrate on creative projects such as film making, music, and other artistic ventures. Cary and Daniel spotted a gap in the provision of crowdfunding services for technical and scientific innovations. Funding for such projects has become scarce resulting from the current economic climate and so a new approach was needed. It is a demand that has seen FundaGeek, during a two month period, received over 8000 hits, and subsequent numerous projects looking to sign up. These include a fault tolerant control system, a project to research and capture wild life sounds in the Borneo rainforest, and a physics puzzle game. With such interest already generated Cary and Daniel have just one vision for FundaGeek.
To become THE crowdfunding site of choice for all technology and research projects needing funding which results in incredible new life improving products to be created and brought to market. Cary Harwin, Co-founder & CEO FundaGeek
FundaGeek is now live, having official launched on 4th November 2011. If you have a proposal for an innovative technological design or an ambitious idea for a research project, FundaGeek could help see the idea or dream become a reality. 

Acknowledgements; The Gazette would like to thank Michael Mollenhauer, Cary Harwin and Dan Gutierrez for their patience, help and input.

Image Credit; Crab Chick

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