Tuesday, 22 November 2011

How Microvolunteering Offers Everyone a Chance to Change the World

The concept of volunteering to help individuals, communities, and organisations has always been one of committing many hours of spare time which in an era when life becomes ever more rapid and busy, seems impossible. However the advent of the digital world has given birth to microvolunteering in which people can donate as little or as much time as they want from any location be it from home or on the go, and Help From Home offers the armchair volunteer plenty of opportunities to do so.

Launched in December 2008, Cardiff based Help From Home is the brainchild of Mike Bright who as a microvolunteer himself identified the absence of a cohesive volunteer database that featured bite-sized volunteer listings. After much research, lessons in basic web design, and with help from a team of technically able volunteers, Help From Home was born. It is essentially a grassroots initiative providing a free community service aimed at promoting and encouraging involvement in microvolunteering. Getting involved is easy and requiring no commitment other than to spare anything from ten seconds to thirty minutes of your time to help out worthy causes, from home, or on the go. 

The organisation mainly promotes home based microvolunteering, an opportunity to "change the world in just your pyjamas". Whether it's signing petitions, making a sick child smile, completing a survey, or helping to cure diseases, there are over 800 active opportunities on the Help From Home database. It is considered to be the largest directory of microvolunteering opportunities, and many of them regularly feature on the crowdsourcing news site and discussion forum The Daily Crowdsource 

Since becoming a leading resource of home based microvolunteering Help from Home has evolved into a leading on-demand database for various other active projects. These include initiatives to encourage microvolunteering from the classroom (Help From School), during a work lunch break (Help From Work), or even on holiday (Help From Holiday). There is even a project to encourage senior citizens to volunteer with Help From Seniors, and Do Good Cards to help spread viral acts of kindness around the globe.

Help from Home's core goal of encouraging people to volunteer has the support of the UK government as part of their Big Society drive. It has also garnered support from some of the main volunteering bodies of England and Wales, and over 50 UK high street volunteer centres. So if you want to help a worthy cause from your armchair sat in front of the TV or the warmth of your bed in your pyjamas why not visit Help From Home website on your laptop, tablet or smartphone and help make a difference. 

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