Thursday 3 November 2011

InCrowd Platform Uses Crowdsourcing for Real Time Feedback on Medical Research

A new platform aims to tap into the wisdom crowd to help provide instant answers to questions concerning the latest development of healthcare products and services. Developed by a group of entrepreneurs with extensive backgrounds in medicine, business and technology, InCrowd looks set to replace existing platforms that normally take weeks to provide vital data. 

InCrowd, was established in March 2010 by Janet Kosloff (CEO), Diane Hayes PhD (President) and Kathleen Poulos (Senior Vice President). With over 60 years of experience in the medical, business and technology market, the co-founders have developed a do it yourself market research research platform for use by healthcare companies. Pharmaceutical companies, medical device developers & manufacturers, and life science companies can use the platform to obtain feedback from a carefully selected crowd of healthcare professionals on the relevant markets. 
Imagine the power of crowdsourcing a group of physicians within hours of product launch and initial detailing by your sales representatives. You now have access to market information that was previously untappable for several weeks. Think of the advantages your company can realize simply by accessing and acting on real-time data. We see this is a game changer for our clients - Janet Kosloff CEO InCrowd
Ordinarily companies would have to wait 2-6 weeks before receiving market information which can soon be out of date given that the market could easily change in a matter of days. InCrowd's easy to use platform provides access to its community of healthcare workers eager to share their knowledge with companies. With so many clinicians and other healthcare workers eager to contribute, in the hopes that such feedback would greatly improve their practice and the quality of patients' lives, InCrowd provides real time answers in a rapidly changing market. 

The wisdom of a vast community of healthcare workers streamline instantly to it's clients InCrowd looks set to provide its clients with an advantage over competitors who continue to use traditional research methods. 

Image Credit; Tulane Public Relations

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