Thursday 10 November 2011

Scotland's Crowdfunding Clinic Helps Entreprenuers Get Started

The popularity of crowdfunding as an alternative source of seeking funds is growing in the UK. More crowdfunding platforms are being set up and already thousands of projects are reaping the rewards of getting the the crowd to invest money. In response to a recent survey of SMEs in Scotland, the New Start Scotland Exhibition will feature a crowdfunding clinic to advise businesses and entrepreneurs deterred from the current means of seeking finance, better understand how crowdfunding works.  

The New Start Scotland Exhibition is a two day annual event which under one roof provides a host of workshops and seminars featuring over 100 exhibitors, geared to showing how business can flourish during the current economic climate. On 18th and 19th November at the SECC in Glasgow people will be able to develop their entrepreneurial skills and knowledge looking at every aspect of a successful business such as sales and marketing, finance, and branding. In addition they can learn how to in use their successful businesses in helping contribute to social causes which aide their communities. The crowdfunding clinic, first one to feature at the event, will be run by Amanda Boyle and Michelle Rodger of the crowdfunding site Bloom VC, which is due to launch later this month.
We want to make people aware that there is an alternative route to accessing finance, especially for those who are unable to secure traditional funding. We'll be explaining what crowdfunding is, how it works, how to get started, and if someone has a particular idea in mind then we'll spend some time helping them flesh out how to make the most of a crowdfunding campaign for their business. - Amanda Boyle, CEO Bloom VC
A survey was carried out of over 1000 representatives of SMEs who have registered to attend the event. Of those businesses surveyed, 45% have been using crowdfunding to help secure startup funds. The clinic will help address any concerns over how to successfully use crowdfunding to green light new projects or help revive those ideas previously considered unworkable due to costs restrictions, or lack of development. With their combined knowledge of business startups and entrepreneurship, as well as their own crowdfunding enterprise Amanda Boyle and Michelle Rodger could help businesses better understand how crowdfunding can help   with their growth and success. 

New Start Scotland is free to attend and tickets can be obtained by clicking here. 

Image Credits; Go For Chris

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