Thursday, 8 December 2011

Crowdfunding Art Projects to Help Economically Disadvantaged Children

Children from low socio-economic backgrounds are the focus of two crowdfunding projects that aim to use vivid artwork and the theatre to engage and improve young lives. Aiding these projects is the UK based crowdfunding platform WeDidThis, dedicated to help in raising funds for art projects that benefit communities and social causes. 

Art For Hope
This project was devised by artists Anna Jouli and Olga Krasanova of TopStroke, with the use of art and colour as a source of healing. The TopStroke team are planning to visit the Cardiac Hospital for Children in he Ural region of Russia, which provides life saving and innovating surgery & treatment for babies from low income families.  With a strong belief in the healing powers of stimulating imagery and vivid colours, TopStroke plan to visit the hospital and brighten up its corridors and play rooms. 

The creative team will prepare murals and designs of imaginary creatures and scenery which they hope will encourage the fragile patients as they undergo the long and arduous recovery stages. TopStroke hope to have the work done in time for Christmas, which in Russia, is celebrated on 7th January. The company will not a charge a fee for this venture, seeing it more as a Christmas gift however they need £2,200 to cover travel expenses and to purchase materials. Visit the project's funding page by clicking here and pledge your support

Cloud Child

The use of vivid visual theatre as a way of engaging young minds is the basis of Dynamic New Animation (DNA) latest production, Cloud Child. In partnership with The Lowry arts and entertainment centre based in the city of Manchester, DNA is developing this stage production with a child centred approach designed to get children actively involved in the story. 

Cloud Child, the story of a lost cloud who makes a special friend, is designed to stimulate the child's sense of wonder and belief in something magical. This then activates their creative side helping to generate a positive self image and give children the confidence much needed in life. The proposal behind the production's goal is based on research which shows that early engagement with children's creativity has many benefits to their development. The project will look to benefit children from the less affluent areas of Salford and Greater Manchester and only needs a total of £410. So far nearly 30% has been raised and around two weeks remain till the deadline. Click here to visit the project's funding page if you want to make a donation.

Image Credits; Anna Jouli

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