Monday 5 December 2011

Crowdfunding British Horror Films

The UK has an outstanding reputation for creating some of the world's most renowned horror films. Whether it is the Hammer films of old (Dracula, Curse of Frankenstein) or even new (Let Me In, The Woman in Black) British Horror has been successfully frightening the life out of audiences in cinemas and in the comfort of their homes. Looking to keep alight the flame of British Horror are two independent projects featured on some of the UK's prominent crowdfunding platforms working to bring their scary movies to life.

The Missing

When a young girl escapes her abusive life in Manchester and heads for London searching for her long lost father, her nightmare life turns even more upside down. Our heroine finds herself broke and homeless caught in the desolate world of London's seedy underworld, rife with prostitution, drugs, and gang violence. When the young girl is saved from a horrific fate she is at first grateful but then her saviour is not all she seems.

This spooky tale with an urban setting is the brain child of writers Lee Asquith-Coe and Sinitta Monero. A quick glance at the trailer and the synopsis, it has all the hallmarks of classic horror but carries with it a social message about the forgotten and destitute. The production needs£5,000 to get the cameras rolling however time is against them with only 17 days left (at time of this post). Helping the writers secure that much needed cash is the Sheffield based crowdfunding platform Sponduly. In return for funding, investors awards include, acknowledgements & thanks yous, limited edition merchandise, copies of the film, and invitations to a special screening. So if you want to see this nightmare vision become celluloid reality then visit The Missing's funding page on Sponduly and pledge your support.

Bigger and Badder

The makers of this Gothic horror tale describe Bigger & Badder as "Brighton Rock" meets "The Howling". Pete is a package boy hired to run errands for his shady and particularly ruthless boss Trevor Deacon. When Pete's first delivery goes horrifically wrong he has to explain to his boss exactly what happened. Trouble is Pete's tale could prove hard to believe, and if he doesn't succeed in convincing his boss then Pete is about to find out just how big and bad Trevor can be. 

Bigger and Badder was written by Richard Wantuch, also the film's director. Werewolves and gangsters makes for an appetisingly grisly story that should appeal to fans of Gothic horror, in particular, anything to do with wolves. The team only need £500 to finish production, and have already secured 46% of funding. This leaves only £270 still remaining and less than 28 days to reach that all important target. The team are using Exeter based Crowdfunder (see Gazette Profile) , and are hoping to tempt you the investor with an assortment of rewards. A minimum donation of £10 will secure a digital copy of the film, a thank you in the credits plus invitation to the premier screening. Other rewards, which depend on the size of the pledge, include limited edition merchandise, associate producer credits and even an original cast of "Wilbur". So if you want to see just how bad Trevor really is then visit Bigger and Badder's Crowdfunder page and make that investment. 

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