Thursday 29 December 2011

Crowdfunding The Occupied Times

As the global Occupy movement continues to grow, encouraging debate, calling for change, as well as angering the establishment, keeping track of relevant news and opinions has daunting. The Occupied Times, a free newspaper that publishes news and information regarding the movement, has taken up the mantle for Occupy London, with the first six issues proving to very popular. The paper is now turning to UK crowdfunding platform 0sponsume, to fund further issues whilst finding a way to make the publication more sustainable.

The Occupied Times, whilst not the official voice of the movement, does provide a platform for those within the movement to relay news and information, as well as offering entertaining and insightful views. The paper's mission is principally to provide individuals involved in the movement and passing members of the public with the latest updates as well as provoke debate over the issues spurring the movement. It was originally funded from donations made to the sustain the Occupy movement, with the first issue costing £200 to produce and subsequent five issues at £350 each. 

In order to become sustainable, the publication needs more funding which is proving to be a drain on the movement's limited purse. The goal is to raise £2,000 to fund a further four issues of the Occupied Times, and work to increase its size and distribution to 16 pages twice monthly. Any remaining funds will be donated to the Occupy movement. In return for supporting the project, investors will receive an assortment of rewards including thank yous & acknowledgements, copies of the paper, and an original copy of the historic first edition (currently on  display at the Museum of London). 

To date the project has secured over 70% of the target, with just over a week remaining. Whilst the project will accept donations from all over the world, it will only be able to post rewards to UK investors. The Occupy movement continues to grow becoming a thorn in the side of both financial giants and political leaders alike. With your help, the Occupied Times could play an integral role of maintain the flow of news and insights on the issues of the movement. To find pledge your support, and generally learn more about the the Occupied Times (even download a copy) visit the project's sponsume funding page.

Image Credit; The Occupied Times

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