Wednesday 7 December 2011

Crowdsourcing the Soundtrack For The Dark Knight Rises

The latest instalment of the Christopher Nolan Batman revamp, The Dark Knight Rises looks set to be the biggest and darkest of the trilogy. In an effort to bring a new sound to this much anticipated blockbuster, world renowned composer Hans Zimmer, has taken a bold step, crowdsourcing the voices of fans to make up the movie's soundtrack.

Hans Zimmer's career spans over three decades composing  musical scores for some of the biggest Hollywood blockbusters including, Gladiator, Pirates of the Caribbean (plus sequels), Sherlock Holmes and the soon to be released Sherlock Holmes; Game of Shadows. Over the decades he has become recognised as one of the industry's leading innovative composers winning him a legion of fans (including me - Ed). Zimmer's unique flair is put to the test with his latest aural experiment in which he is "shining the bat-signal up into the sky to call you all" and add your voice to The Dark Knight Rises soundtrack.

The idea behind this venture came to Zimmer whilst working on the up coming Sherlock Holmes movie. The principle behind this bold experiment is simple; fans of the franchise are invited to visit the Ujam powered platform. First visitors have to, most importantly, read the terms and conditions and then register. Once signed up, participants must then listen to the sample recording before finally making a recording of their own chant. Participants need not worry about  having the best voice or sounding a little croaky as it will all be taken care of post production. 
You always want to create a sound that nobody has ever heard, but I think, this time, we might be doing that. As a musician, I think about what environment things are recorded in. Now, you have hundreds of thousands of voices, all recorded in their own individual environment. - Hans Zimmer, via
With excitement already building up to the much anticipated release of what could mark the final of director Christopher Nolans' Batman trilogy, fans have a unique opportunity to help shape the film's score. So if you want to participate in Hans Zimmer's grand musical experiment then click here to visit the Ujam site and add your voice to the soundtrack of the Dark Knight legend. 

Image Credits; Brett Jordan

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