Sunday 18 December 2011

Supporting a Crowdfunding Campaign, The Perfect Christmas Present?

Note from the Editor

The Christmas season is almost upon us and you can guarantee that there will be lots of last minute panicking, uncertainty as to the perfect gift, as well as frantic mad dashing to the high street. Shopping online is risky due to the closely looming last day post, and there is no guarantee that the shops will still have that perfect gift in stock. So why not take the money intended for present shopping and pledge it instead towards a crowdfunding project? 

At the beginning of September I was contacted by Sidney Sherman, a Hollywood film producer who enthusiastically informed me about a film project that needed funding. I posted the article all about the film Reboot, and it has enjoyed much success, exceeding its funding target. As I was reading all about the project, my schoolboy enthusiasm spilt out vocally and my partner sitting nearby was on the receiving end. As I was drafting the post, my partner was asking me all sorts of questions about the project and before I knew it she had pledged $100 to Reboot, declaring it an early Christmas present. I am a self confessed film buff and fan of all things science fiction, cyberpunk included. I also consider myself a champion of independent films so this was a perfect gift that ticked the boxes of all my passions.  So for Christmas I have a stake in an independent cyberpunk film as well my own high definition digital as well as a personalised DVD copies of the film, and CD of the film's soundtrack. 

Investments as a whole always carry an element of risk and for crowdfunding projects the principle risk is that they do not reach their funding targets. So instead of an investment in a project along with an assortment of gifts, there is the risk that for Christmas you have a failed project, no gifts and you're money back. However given the risk involved in purchases generally are no different especially those instances where goods are ordered, and deposits paid only for the company to close. 

It might seem a ludicrous idea, however donating to a crowdfunding project can probably be the most thoughtful gift. You could choose to support a charitable project that you know a person is passionate about, invest in a film or other creative form, or even an entrepreneurial or technological project which suits that person's interest. It says much about how well you know that person, the level of affection held for them, and the little rewards that come with the support add a further level of excited anticipation. For tips on projects to support and platforms to visit, keep your eye here on the Gazette.

The future could see more people giving crowdfunding pledges as gifts which would see more projects get the funding they need. If this does become the norm then perhaps platforms such as Kickstarter and RocketHub might introduce gift vouchers purchased at any denomination. Recipients can then choose for themselves which project to support or even multiple projects. So if you are still searching for gift ideas why not try crowdfunding.

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