Thursday 5 January 2012

Crowdsourcing and Collaboration Help Make Sweet Music Success

A new platform has been launched that will enable musicians and songwriters to collaborate on creating fun and original music thanks to the far reaching power of crowdsourcing. RecordTogether brings musical talent together to create new songs that is cost effective, and rewards contributors for their work. 

RecordTogether was devised by music producer Mike Bishop, co-founder of Minnesota based recording studio, The Zoo Studios , and launched in November 2011. It allows songwriters to post a call for an instrumental recording and place a price (or bounty) that they are willing to pay. For example if you are looking for a trumpet solo to be featured in your finished musical piece you set a bounty. An existing recording of the composition so far is then uploaded with instructions on where the trumpet solo is to be featured as well as additional information. The musicians then record and upload their segment. The songwriter chooses from the options available and pays the bounty.

The cost effective element allows songwriters to find the right addition to their composition without going through the expense of auditions and hiring a musician. It costs just $6.95 to post a song, which will stay on the platform for 60 days. In return for the bounty the songwriters get recording and all its rights. Musicians meanwhile can submit as many recordings as they like, at only the cost of 8% of the bounty plus Paypal fees. The site offers songwriters and musicians an assortment of on line tutorials to help produce high quality recordings.

RecordTogether hopes to promote the advantages of home-based recording markets as well provide a forum for musicians to be recognised for their talent and compensated through the Internet.

Image Credit: Ranch Records

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