Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Latest Durex Product Campaign to be Led by Social Media

The most recognisable name in the manufacture of birth control products, Durex has never shy in embracing Web 2.0 principles in their campaigns, including crowdsourcing and social media. To promote their latest product Durex are embarking on a social media led TV campaign to be launched on YouTube before hitting the mainstream airwaves in which members of the public will be asked "How in-sync are you?".

Performax Intense is a new condom specially designed to enhance a couple's sexual enjoyment by enabling them to be more in-sync during sex. To promote Performax in the UK, Durex has partnered with Euro RSCG London who devised the social media led campaign. The campaign will start with a fifty second advert which will to be aired on YouTube on 1st February 2012. The ad features two turntables playing at different speeds but when they are brought in perfect sync a song by Marvin Gaye is heard. 

In conjunction with the YouTube ads, leading up to Valentine's Day, a Facebook game will be launched in which players will be challenged to find out how in-sync they are with the partners using a cross-fader device. The game features a number of a well known songs which need to be slowed down or speeded up in order to be heard clearly. Partners work together to bring the levels in-sync so that they can clearly hear the song, and must keep it in-sync for up to ten seconds. Those who are successful progress to the next level.
This campaign is further evidence of our social media capability working powerfully at the core of our uniquely integrated offer. We have taken an intrinsically social idea and used an online platform, ahead of TV, as its launch pad. Russ Lidstone, CEO for Euro RSCG London
With the Performax Intense brand already established through social media, by the end of February the campaign will be aired on UK terrestrial channels ITV and Channel 4, during prime time slots. 

Image Credits; Hi Rorro

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