Wednesday, 1 February 2012

DesignCrowd to Provide Exclusive Crowdsourced Designs to Australian Businesses

Australian based crowdsourced design platform, DesignCrowd have announced the launch of a new service provision exclusively for local businesses and designers. The new website will enable Australian businesses to exclusive court the skills of Australian designers. This is a unique initiative within the community of crowdsourcing service providers which generally offer their services globally. 

Based in Sydney, Australia, DesignCrowd was launched in 2008 and has since become one of the world'd leading providers of crowdsourced designs. Like it's contemporaries such as 99Designs, enables customers to post design projects onto the site. DesignCrowd's community of designers then submit their work and the customer chooses the preferred design. The platform's work spans 159 countries with a community of over 60,000 designers. The international success of DesignCrowd has put Australia on the crowdsourcing map.
Australians have been early adopters and heavy users of crowdsourcing but they also like to support local industry. Our new service will let Aussie businesses combine the benefit of crowdsourcing with the talent of the Australian design community. Clients in Sydney will be able to post a project on DesignCrowd and get 50-plus designs from designers in Melbourne to Mackay. If they want to they can also get designs from designers in places like Mumbai and Miami. - Alec Lynch, CEO DesignCrowd
The new service was launched in response to customer demands from customers for work to be sourced from their favourite local designers. Now Australian businesses will have the opportunity to engage the services of local talent, thus supporting their nation's design industry with purported annual value of over four billion dollars. The company hopes to increase its already 60,000 strong community with more local designers in order to offer more local businesses extensive choice through its new service. 

The last quarter has proved a challenging yet fruitful one for DesignCrowd, at a time when austerity measures and the recession continue to take their toll. In addition to securing three million dollars in capital investment, and acquiring the US owned BrandstackDesignCrowd have also announced the appointment of Anthony Glenning, pioneer of Google Drawings to the company board.

Image Credits; Chad Magiera

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