Tuesday 13 March 2012

Beta Testing for UK Crowdfunding Platform Completed

Only four months since it was launched and already Bloom VC has much to celebrate. Today the Scottish based crowdfunding enterprise announced that beta testing for the platform has concluded, with plans to grow and enhance the platform for project owners and monetary donors alike. 

Bloom VC (venture catalyst) was founded by portfolio entrepreneur Amanda Boyle and Journalist & entrepreneur Michelle Rodger, with a goal to pool their vast knowledge to help budding entrepreneurs, businesses, and third sector groups effectively use crowdfunding to raise the necessary money for their projects or enterprise.The platform was designed and build by the award team at Everyone, and hosted by Bloom VC's technology partners VPS.NET 

Prior to launching Bloom VC had already established itself as a crowdfunding leader by establishing a crowdfunding clinic at last year's New Start Scotland Exhibition. The clinic was open to business of all sizes and markets, helping them to better understand how crowdfunding could help them grow during these tough economic times. The beta testing has proven invaluable in helping Bloom VC to grow into a workable crowdfunding platform.
“We’ve had great input from our users and it’s helped us to create a platform that’s intuitive to navigate and well-integrated with the social networks essential to help spread the word and ask for support for projects" - Amanda Boyle Co-founder and CEO Bloom VC
Completing the beta testing is a remarkable achievement for the founders of Bloom VC which can be added to other landmark achievements. Recently Bloom VC helped Scottish student Kevin Pickering raise much needed funds for his short crime film Wake Up Call. The campaign was successful as not only did it reach its target within four days but went on to raise 46% more by the 30 day deadline. Bloom VC  currently has over thirty projects in the pipeline which include games, apps, and film projects. Visit the website for more information. 

Image Credits; Steven De Polo

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