Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Crowdfunding to Help Women Build Confidence After Cancer

Women who have suffered from breast cancer know all too well the damage it inflicts on the heart and mind as well as the body. Alarming statistics indicate that 37% of women recovering from cancer are more likely to commit suicide, due to the onset of anxiety and depression following treatment. Former cancer patient, Gabby Mottershead wants to offer women who are fighting cancer to help rebuild their lives, with her program Confidence After Cancer. Through the UK platform Crowdfunder, Gabby is looking to raise funds to offer free Reiki healing and confidence building course for women in Manchester recovering from cancer.

Mother of two from Manchester Gabby, was diagnosed in 2008 with a rare and aggressive form of breast cancer. After a series of treatments including a mastectomy, and chemotherapy, Gabby's self esteem took a plunge feeling low, almost as if she had lost the person she used to be. Soon after her treatment Gabby's name was nominated for a campaign organised by PR executive, columnist, and cancer survivor Caroline Monk for a makeover that not only transformed her look but gave her confidence a huge boost. Inspired by her experience, which was featured in The Daily Mail, Gabby researched various treatments designed to aide relaxation and encourage greater confidence, including Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Reiki, qualifying as a practitioner in both fields.

Confidence After Cancer has only one goal; to help women suffering from cancer rebuild their lives and restore their confidence to look forward to the prospect of a brighter future. Gabby's Crowdfunder campaign looks to provide coaching and support to achieve this goal, through various confidence building courses as well as Reiki healing. The sum of £500 is needed to pay for rental of therapy rooms as well as printed and digital material only, as the support being provided is free. To date the project has secured 10% of the funding target with 35 days left till the campaign deadline. In return for a monetary pledge investors will receive an assortment of rewards should the project reach its funding target, including;
  • free e-books on confidence building
  • distance healing and prayers
  • Vouchers for Forever Living products with a value from £20 to £50
  • For those investing £100 or more, links to their website to be featured on the new Confidence After Cancer website (currently under construction).
For more information about Confidence After Cancer and how to invest visit the project's Crowdfunder campaign page.

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