Monday 16 April 2012

Clickworker Announces Significant Steps in Growth and Expansion

One of the leading providers of paid crowdsourcing, Clickworker has announced changes to its management team that looks set to help the company expand as a market leader. Clickworker has also reached a significant milestone in the growth of its community of registered users potentially increasing the speed and quality of paid crowdsourcing services.

Clickworker has appointed Marc Ahr as the new company's Managing Director, effective from the beginning of April. Marc will be working with Christian Rozsenic, and together are responsible for pooling and utilising their expertise in sales, marketing and technology to accelerate the company's growth. Marc will bring his experience as Mobile Messaging Director for Berlin based  technology and media development leader YOC AG to the team, specifically in the areas of sales and product management. 
"The paid crowdsourcing approach fits in the globalised and networked working environment. The clickworkers are neither location nor time-bound, and can schedule work and free time according to their individual needs. For companies the use of crowdsourcing means overcoming the limitations of schedules, space or personnel. I am delighted to be part of a company whose business model not only focuses on the here and now, but is future-oriented instead." Marc Ahr, Managing Director, Clickworker
 In addition to expanding the company's management team, Clickworker has seen its community of registered users rise to 200,000 worldwide. The so-called clickworkers carry out micro-jobs for customers in wide variety of sectors including tagging, categorization, translation and web research. One of the benefits of crowdsourcing projects is the size and skill set of the knowledgeable and able crowd, high volumes of work can be carried out quickly. With a continually increasing community of micro-workers, Clickworker can process large orders speedily, virtually in real time, with high quality results. 

Image Credits; Daily Sunny

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