Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Danish Initiative Hosts Co-Creation Conference

The continued interest and use of crowdsourcing by organisations has in turn generated equal interest in co-creation with big name brands such as Unilever reaping the cost effective benefits tapping the wisdom of a smaller specialised crowd. Yet there remains many questions about just how co-creation can be utilised, questions to be explored at this year's Co-Creation Conference in Copenhagen. The event will be held on 25th May 2012 featuring prominent speakers as well as a series of workshops examining the use of co-creation.

Organising the event is a joint initiative made up of the Copenhagen Business School and the Danish Design Association, trade association for Danish design companies. Featuring at the conference will be keynote speaker Banny Banerjee. A leading scholar from Stanford University,California, Banny is a prominent leader and practitioner in co-creation, and the founder of the university's "Design for change lab". Also speaking at the event is Rex Degenegaard, an assistant professor at the Copenhagen Business School specialising in organisational design and change management, with focus on co-creation. 

Much of the conference will consist of interactive workshops introducing participants to co-creation, exploring how it works and examining its potential  to tackle some of societies' most demanding challenges. Participants will also gain hands on experience with various co-creation methods as well as networking opportunities with other participants with co-creation challenges, and experts. For more information and to sign up for the event visit the Co-creation Conference website

Image Credits; University Hospitals Birmingham

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