Monday, 23 April 2012

New Crowdfunding Platform For Aspiring Authors

For aspiring writers with great ideas but frustrated by the traditional methods of the publishing industry, crowdfunding continues to offer a lifeline to publishing utopia. Joining the ranks of sites like Unbound and is  a new crowdfunding platform dedicated to helping aspiring authors on  the path to publication. The new platform promises to focus purely on crowdfunding the works of authors and writers with features to rival other platforms. was founded in 2011 by Erik Bowman, serial entrepreneur, consultant and author. With over 20 years experience of business startups, Erik brings his knowledge and skills of various aspects of multimedia, finance, and technology to this latest venture. Based in Redondo Beach California, was established by Eric to help break the funding barriers that prevent aspiring authors from getting their works published. Whilst many authors have used crowdfunding to take them up to publishing glory, differs from other platforms by promising to support the authors beyond fundraising and into pre-order and sales as their books move closer to publication.
"I’ve come across so many clients and friends who have always wanted to achieve their dream of writing a book one day. The biggest obstacle they seem to run into is funding." - Erik Bowman, Founder
In addition to pre and post funding support, differs from other platforms by refusing to take any percentage of funds raised. Users, instead pay a monthly fee and can test their first use of the service for free. The platform also enables authors to promote their projects through social media to encourage support and generate sales, as well as a QR codes service to add bonus interactive features to the authors' publications. is all about supporting authors so those with projects in need of funding who have publishers already signed up can still use the service. The platform also features a dedicated publisher's co-branded author's page through which authors can be referred, and invites ghost writers, publishing and marketing professions to become the site's business partners.  

Image Credits; Joe Ross 

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