Wednesday 16 May 2012

Leading Provider of Crowdsourced Images Goes Global

Regular visitors to the Gazette, as well as avid followers of crowdsourcing developments might recall reading about ImageBrief. The Australian based platform enables customers to crowdsource images from its global community of registered photographers, making it easier and cost effective than trawling through a vast library of image stocks. Since then ImageBrief has expanded operations to become an internationally recognised crowdsourcing service with image providers and buyers from over 100 countries using the service. 

ImageBrief challenges the conventional means of acquiring images over the web. Online stock libraries can provide an almost unlimited source of royalty free images. It can however be time consuming searching the libraries for the right image, be it for a website, blog, or even print publication, and sometimes the rights to those images can be limiting. ImageBrief puts buyers in touch with photographers, who then browse through their catalogues and agree a price for the image or even multiple images. It is a simple and cost effective system for the buyer but is also a means for photographers to earn a living. 

Since its launch, ImageBrief has expanded operations to London, and Cape Town in South Africa, doubling its community of registered photographers with many more applying to be accepted. Amongst them, one of Australia's leading magazine publishing houses, ACP Magazines is already contributing their vast stock of images to meet buyer briefs. Altogether this not only increases the range of available images but also the quality for potential buyers. 
Our agency and publishing customers love the ease of licensing images via ImageBrief.Less than a month after expanding into London, we’re finding creatives in one of the world’s most heralded creative cities are embracing the model over the traditional stock libraries, and have started briefing in their image  needs via ImageBrief. They’re finding fresh, unique shots which haven’t been seen before, and because they can define their budget and usage terms up-front, they are in complete control of the process. - Simon Moss, CEO ImageBrief

ImageBrief has become globally recognised as a leading provider of crowdsourced images with Australia's prominent business magazine BRW recognising it as one of the ten startups to watch. In addition to increase its crowd of photographers thereby increasing range for buyers, ImageBrief will soon be expanding operations to the US officially with an official launch to be featured at the New York Photo Festival later this month.

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