Thursday, 10 May 2012

Need a Crowdsourced Service, Feedback or Advice? Then Bounty It

Whether you are looking for fresh logo & design ideas, need someone to perform a service or promote your social media page, BountyIt can offer a one stop port of call for a variety of crowdsourcing services. The platform was devised by two young entrepreneurs and has only been operating for a few months but already its user led philosophy is generating mass appeal enabling customers to utilise crowdsourcing to its fullest potential. 

BountyIt was founded by Clifford Bernstein and Andrew Rosenau, and launched in November 2011. Clifford is a finance graduate from Loyola Marymount Univeristy, with experience working in the property sector. In addition Clifford has ventured into various on-line enterprises including, an on-line catalogue of fringe goods and gadgets. Andrew graduated with a BSc in Chemistry and has worked in drug design and optimisation before helping create BountyIT and is currently in his final year of Law School with focus on the complex work of Intellectual Property Law. Despite only in operation for six months, BountyIT has attracted a large following;
"People started using it for ways that we didn't even really expect, so we are trying to be very versatile at this point and really see where "the crowd" takes us.  We feel that this is a very adaptable platform and we have chosen a couple target markets which we feel work the best" - Clifford Bernstein, Co-founder
BountyIt essentially acts as a noticeboard for crowdsourcing services offered or required once users have registered. They can then post a call for a service to be carried out which fall into four categories; feedback, service wanted, service offered, promotion, by simply posting a call/brief and setting a price or "bounty" for the task at hand. This brief can feature almost any situation needing input from the crowd whether it be design suggestions, a microtask to be performed, or promoting social media pages, with terms and prices agreed as required. Once the user has the most favourable solution the bounty is paid according to terms.

Although it is early days for this startup, BountyIt continues to build and enjoy considerable user growth as crowdsourcing becomes used more widely. Tapping into this demand Clifford and Andrew look set to continue building the user based making the platform accessible and user friendly for bounty posters and responders respectively.

Image Credits;  Chinnian

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