Friday, 22 June 2012

India's Leading Crowdsourcers Jade Magnet Release D├ębut Annual Report

It has been a very busy two years for the team at Jade Magnet, India's first and most prominent provider of crowdsourcing services. The site has grown from a fledgling startup to one of the most internationally recognised crowdsourcing services, and is reflected in the company's first annual report. 
Based in Bangalore, India, Jade Magnet has established operations in the US states of California and Texas. Recently it has partnered with a UK crowdsourcing company to provide cost-effective creative solutions for UK SME's. It has also received recognition from its peers having been nominated for the Manthan Award which recognises South Asian businesses for their quality e-Content and creativity in the digital market. 

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Sunday, 17 June 2012

[Gazette Profile] New Platform Paves Way for Jewish-Centric Crowdfunded Projects

Whilst two platforms already operate to provide crowdfunding services for Jewish projects, a recently launched site, Jewcer has already helped raise significant sums taking over the mantle of helping Jewish projects find a voice and financial support through the power of the crowd.

Jewcer was founded by five friends Ziv Ben Tzour, Moriya Blumenfeld,  Amir Give'on, Naomi Leight, and Shira Shimoni, having identified a gap in Jewish-centric crowdfunding when similar platforms appeared to be dormant. After pooling their own money together to fund the site, Jewcer was launched in March 2012. The idea behind the platform was inspired at an event hosted by BINA, the young professional division of the Israeli Leadership Council aimed to help better connect local Jewish-Americans and Israelis with Israeli focused foster programs. The Jewcer team believe Jewish crowdfunding can take connectivity a step further by enabling Jewish and Israeli communities to get their peers more involved and to make donations to vital projects through crowdfunding.

Any project with a strong Jewish connection can be submitted for consideration to be posted on Jewcer for funding. Although the founders intended to target a US based young cosmopolitan market, Jewcer will accept any Jewish project from around the world with work under way to better facilitate international transactions. The platform operates the traditional all or nothing model which aims to motivate project owners to work harder in convincing the crowd their project is worthy of funding. 

"Our personal mission with Jewcer is to change the way projects get funded in the Jewish community and in Israel — basically connecting people to projects, connecting people to people.”  - Naomi Leight, Co-founder Jewcer
Since launching, Jewcer has already helped various projects reach and even exceed their funding target, raising overall the sum of nearly $40,000 from over 500 donors. Projects that will come to fruition thanks to crowdfunding include a film entitled The Hummus Wars, a comedy tour that will raise money for charity whilst helping to promote a more positive image of Israel, a program that aims to combine biblical readings with Yoga exercises, and a Jewish brew pub and performance venue. One project that is gaining prominence is the Israeli Ambassador Program aimed at helping teenagers to become more knowledgeable about Israel and go on to act as ambassadors in the positive promotion of Israel focusing on US/Israeli relations. The project has already been funded with 22 days remaining. 

For more information click here to visit the Jewcer platform.

Image Credits; Jewcer (Copyright; All Rights Reserved)

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

NineSigma Launch First Open Innovation Social Media Platform

One of the leading providers of open innovation solutions, NineSigma has launched a new platform aimed at streamlining the innovation process. The platform, NineSights, was launched on 5th June 2012 and is the first open innovation social media hub that looks to better connect innovation providers with solution seekers from all sectors and industries.

Founded in 2000, NineSigma has been a provider of open innovation services long before it became standard practice across most industries, and has set the standard of how open innovation is practised today. NineSigma has helped companies from a wide range of industries including blue chip clients such as Kraft, Philips, and Unilever engage with the open innovation process. Thanks to open innovation, NineSigma clients have been able to solve immediate challenges as well as integrate new knowledge into their operations and overall, improve their financial performance. NineSigma boasts the largest community of solution providers and a comprehensive database of established innovation solutions.

NineSights came about following an extensive survey of professionals across different industries indicating something missing in the provision of open innovation services. The survey revealed a need for a more extensive innovation programme to meet both the needs of solution seekers and provides. NineSights is free to use and enables innovation seekers to post briefs with details of their requirements whilst providers can easily submit details of their technologies and proposals. The NineSigma team will take steps to ensure that both seekers and providers are properly vetted. 
"We have listened to our clients and solution providers who told us that a social media enabled platform where quality trumps quantity is what the world needs right now. As a result of this unique platform, organisations are able to make better connections faster and thus accelerate time to market." - Andy Zynga, CEO Nine Sigma
The NineSights platform, currently in Beta format, acts as a supplement to NineSigma's existing service offering users a more streamlined innovation environment. Solution seekers from all sectors be it commercial or non-profit will have access to a carefully selected pool of innovation experts including inventors, entrepreneurs, and researchers. The new service looks to be in keeping with NineSigma's mission to help organisations build and embrace a culture of innovation whilst developing its vast community of skilled innovation providers.

Image Credit; Opensourceway

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

ImageBrief Campaign Crowdsources Unseen Images

The latest campaign from crowdsourced image provider, ImageBrief, takes a different route in the search for numerous and unique quality images. To launch the campaign, a short film entitled "The Lost" was made to inspire photographers to search through their catalogue for lost or forgotten images and allow them to be found and made available for all to enjoy.

The campaign was devised by Whybin/TBWA Auckland in partnership with the production talent of Flying Fish. The short film premiered at the New York Photo Festival which also marked the launch of ImageBrief's US operations. According to ImageBrief, approximately 12.5 million photographers around the world have captured over 60 billion images, many of which have been filed away and possibly lost or forgotten. 
"This is a visual, inspirational film that was carefully crafted to appeal to our highly visual target audience – photographers. One of the key drivers for the success of this business is the quality of the photographer base we recruit; hence this campaign is a key element in our overall marketing strategy.” - Stephen Pearson, Marketing Director, ImageBrief

The film looks to increase ImageBrief's community of talented photographers to meet the demands of its increasing image buying customer base, and is an indication of how the platform continues to challenge conventional web based image providers. As well as providing its customer based with an extensive crowd of talented photographers and a vast array of images, ImageBrief also allows photographers to earn a living selling their images to high profile clients. For more information visit the ImageBrief website.

Friday, 8 June 2012

Crowdsourced T-Shirt Design on Sale to Support Women and Girls

A partnership of two major charities and a leading crowdsourcing design platform, have announced the winner of their crowdsourced t-shirt design challenge. Humanitarian organisation CARE along with the Bill & Miranda Gates Foundation and Threadless, in partnership with each other for the first time, will produce t-shirts featuring the winning design with all profits from the sale to be donated to CARE helping its continued fight to lift third world communities out of poverty.

Since it was launched in 1945, CARE has spent the last six decades helping women and girls out of poverty. The organisation has empowered women to better help themselves and their communities promoting social justice, emergency response and tackling hunger and climate change. Through community-based efforts CARE is focused on helping women and girls to fight poverty head on by creating improved education, health and economic opportunities, and last year it helped over 122 million people in 84 countries. Alongside CARE, the Bill & Miranda Gates Foundation has worked along similar lines tackling poverty both in the US and developing nations with a firm belief that every life has equal value. 

The contest was launched in conjunction with one of the leading providers of crowdsourced designs, Threadless, which regularly runs such challenges which then feature on the site's line  of clothing, bags, and other accessories. Chosen designers receive a cash payment as well as acknowledgement of their work, with the artists names featured on the products. The CARE T-Shirt Design Challenge called on the skills and talent of its crowd community to submit a design with empowering women as the theme. After considering over 100 submissions, the work of Shahaf Gurevich entitled "A Mother is a Daughter is a Mother..." was declared the winner. 
A Mother is a Daughter is a Mother...' was the runaway favourite because it so beautifully evokes the strength of mothers and daughters. CARE focuses on empowering girls and women because our experience has shown us that they have the power to transform families and communities. Whether by learning how to take part in a Village Savings and Loan program or as part of a maternal health training, women can join forces to change their lives and their communities - Helene Gayle, CEO & President of CARE
Shahaf's winning design is based on the principle that all mothers are daughters and that many daughters go on to become mothers. Since mothers want only the best for their children, empowering the daughters of today is the key to shaping a brighter future, free from poverty. The T-shirts featuring design will be sold through Threadless for $19.50 (£12.60) with 100% of the profits being donated to CARE. The T-shirts are available in a variety of sizes for both men and women, so if you would like to buy a t-shirt that will aide a worthy cause then click here to chose your size and make a purchase.

Image Credit; Threadless (Copyright 2012 All Rights Reserved) via PR Newswire

FundaGeek Launch Scientific Research & Development Portal

FundaGeek, the crowdfunding platform specialising in helping technological innovations and scientific research obtain funding, has launched a new portal aimed at helping scientific research and development projects. The portal will provide vital guidance and resources for scientific projects looking to crowdfunding as an alternative source to traditional methods. 

Funding for scientific research and development projects is traditionally sought by way of government grants or discretionary grants from wealthy philanthropists. Since there are only limited numbers of grants available at any one time, competition for such funding is fierce and once awarded can betime consuming. FundaGeek's newest portal, Crowdfunding for Scientific Research, provides a means of getting a project off the ground until such time as further funding can be sought. The portal is open to scientists and educators at all levels including undergraduates and graduate students from universities and research institutions.
We are very excited about the launch of our new research portal as one of our early goals for our crowdfunding platform consistently has been to help science and basic research. We are very committed to the global science community. - Daniel D. Gutierrez, CEO FundaGeek
Whether the project focuses on physical & life sciences, engineering, social sciences or health and education, any such project can seek funding through the portal. Project owners are given resources and help to launch and run a successful crowdfunding campaign. These include a special FAQ section with various pointers and tips, a blog for researchers to provide regular updates, and comprehensive submission guidelines. In addition, two projects will be selected from the site's catalogue that will feature on the portal based on their compelling nature and success with the crowdfunding model.

Unlike commercial projects, those submitted through the portal do not follow the all or nothing crowdfunding model therefore the project does not need to reach a funding target. The portal refines the focus of FundaGeek's dedication to helping scientific research projects. Crowdfunding cannot replace the grant system but can supplement the funding needed to get the project started, making crowdfunding ideal for new classes of projects such as outreach programmes that are often subject to delays.

Image Credits; RDECOM

Thursday, 7 June 2012 Crowdsourced Product Search Expands Features

Since launching in September 2011,, a crowdsourced - based platform that helps provide insight and information for consumers on various products, has grown exponentially. The platform has recently announced the launch of its new and improved service producing more comprehensive reports to better enable consumers to make an informed purchase decision. 

Founder and CEO of Steve Fruchter identified a gap in the e-commerce market with a site that provided more information on products beyond customer reviews posted on individual on-line shopping sites. Consumers looking to make a purchase on-line would first pose a question to's community or crowd, searching for the best brand within a specified budget. Over the last eight months, the platform has garnered over 100,000 product recommendations, which will be collated algorithmically to provide a more through product report.
"We're creating *the* place people will turn to when they want to buy a product, but don't know which one to buy. What would take a person many hours of product research on Amazon or Google to do would be done in seconds through" - Steve Fruchter
The site now does more than just help find the right brand at the right price. It also rates the product against the attributes provided essentially providing a free social consumer report, almost instantly. For example if you are searching for a gaming laptop under $1,500, will provide a schedule of the top ten results that fit the requirements, with an option to list more results. The report will include, prices, details of which stores stock them at said prices, number of recommendations and ratings on the technical specifications of each machine from disk space to battery life. The site can even link to your Facebook account to see if friends have recommended any of the products. 

Finding the right product for the right price is certainly an arduous task and while some price comparison sites can help make on-line shopping easier. has made searching for product information more easier, faster and more in-depth product information to help consumers help make an even more informed decision. 

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Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Daily Crowdsource Hosts Major Crowdsourcing Conference

As more organisations of various types and size look to incorporate crowdsourcing into their daily  operations, the need grows for more information as to best practices and technological resources to be made available. The Daily Crowdsource, one of the biggest sources of crowdsourcing news and features are hosting Crowdopolis a major crowdsourcing conference to be held on 19th July 2012 in Los Angeles. The event will feature workshops and key note speeches from brand giants, who have successfully tapped the resource of the crowd.

The Daily Crowdsource (TDCrowdsource) was launched in July 2010 with the purpose of providing news and information on the rise of crowdsourcing around the globe. Since then it has grown into an influential forum of news updates, discussions, meet ups, and insights provided by its authors and growing line up of renowned Crowd Leaders. Crowdopolis is perhaps the biggest crowdsourcing event, second only to CrowdConf, and is likely to be the most significant gathering of leading users and experts of crowdsourcing practises and technology.

Crowdopolis will feature speakers from Nokia and GE, leaders in crowdsourced service providers such as Microtask and uTest, and some of TDCrowdsource's contributing Crowd Leaders including author David Alan Grier and Neil Perry, President of Poptent. The breakout sessions will focus on areas in which crowdsourcing plays the biggest role including Advertising, Technology & Innovation, and Content Marketing. There will also be the "After Party" event in which delegates can meet the speakers, indulge in a bit of networking, and even witness the launch of a brand new crowdsourcing venture.

The event is aimed at managers of Fortune 1000 or any other large companies wanting to learn all about how crowdsourcing can help them stay ahead of their competition. Over the last few years crowdsourcing has come in from the digital cold and become a significant tool in the further advancement of all businesses whether they be SMEs or large corporations. So if you want to learn more about what Crowdopolis can offer your business and to register for a place then click here to visit the TDCrowdsource events page.

Image Credits; The Daily Crowdsource (All Rights Reserved)