Friday 8 June 2012

FundaGeek Launch Scientific Research & Development Portal

FundaGeek, the crowdfunding platform specialising in helping technological innovations and scientific research obtain funding, has launched a new portal aimed at helping scientific research and development projects. The portal will provide vital guidance and resources for scientific projects looking to crowdfunding as an alternative source to traditional methods. 

Funding for scientific research and development projects is traditionally sought by way of government grants or discretionary grants from wealthy philanthropists. Since there are only limited numbers of grants available at any one time, competition for such funding is fierce and once awarded can betime consuming. FundaGeek's newest portal, Crowdfunding for Scientific Research, provides a means of getting a project off the ground until such time as further funding can be sought. The portal is open to scientists and educators at all levels including undergraduates and graduate students from universities and research institutions.
We are very excited about the launch of our new research portal as one of our early goals for our crowdfunding platform consistently has been to help science and basic research. We are very committed to the global science community. - Daniel D. Gutierrez, CEO FundaGeek
Whether the project focuses on physical & life sciences, engineering, social sciences or health and education, any such project can seek funding through the portal. Project owners are given resources and help to launch and run a successful crowdfunding campaign. These include a special FAQ section with various pointers and tips, a blog for researchers to provide regular updates, and comprehensive submission guidelines. In addition, two projects will be selected from the site's catalogue that will feature on the portal based on their compelling nature and success with the crowdfunding model.

Unlike commercial projects, those submitted through the portal do not follow the all or nothing crowdfunding model therefore the project does not need to reach a funding target. The portal refines the focus of FundaGeek's dedication to helping scientific research projects. Crowdfunding cannot replace the grant system but can supplement the funding needed to get the project started, making crowdfunding ideal for new classes of projects such as outreach programmes that are often subject to delays.

Image Credits; RDECOM

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