Thursday, 7 June 2012 Crowdsourced Product Search Expands Features

Since launching in September 2011,, a crowdsourced - based platform that helps provide insight and information for consumers on various products, has grown exponentially. The platform has recently announced the launch of its new and improved service producing more comprehensive reports to better enable consumers to make an informed purchase decision. 

Founder and CEO of Steve Fruchter identified a gap in the e-commerce market with a site that provided more information on products beyond customer reviews posted on individual on-line shopping sites. Consumers looking to make a purchase on-line would first pose a question to's community or crowd, searching for the best brand within a specified budget. Over the last eight months, the platform has garnered over 100,000 product recommendations, which will be collated algorithmically to provide a more through product report.
"We're creating *the* place people will turn to when they want to buy a product, but don't know which one to buy. What would take a person many hours of product research on Amazon or Google to do would be done in seconds through" - Steve Fruchter
The site now does more than just help find the right brand at the right price. It also rates the product against the attributes provided essentially providing a free social consumer report, almost instantly. For example if you are searching for a gaming laptop under $1,500, will provide a schedule of the top ten results that fit the requirements, with an option to list more results. The report will include, prices, details of which stores stock them at said prices, number of recommendations and ratings on the technical specifications of each machine from disk space to battery life. The site can even link to your Facebook account to see if friends have recommended any of the products. 

Finding the right product for the right price is certainly an arduous task and while some price comparison sites can help make on-line shopping easier. has made searching for product information more easier, faster and more in-depth product information to help consumers help make an even more informed decision. 

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