Wednesday, 13 June 2012

NineSigma Launch First Open Innovation Social Media Platform

One of the leading providers of open innovation solutions, NineSigma has launched a new platform aimed at streamlining the innovation process. The platform, NineSights, was launched on 5th June 2012 and is the first open innovation social media hub that looks to better connect innovation providers with solution seekers from all sectors and industries.

Founded in 2000, NineSigma has been a provider of open innovation services long before it became standard practice across most industries, and has set the standard of how open innovation is practised today. NineSigma has helped companies from a wide range of industries including blue chip clients such as Kraft, Philips, and Unilever engage with the open innovation process. Thanks to open innovation, NineSigma clients have been able to solve immediate challenges as well as integrate new knowledge into their operations and overall, improve their financial performance. NineSigma boasts the largest community of solution providers and a comprehensive database of established innovation solutions.

NineSights came about following an extensive survey of professionals across different industries indicating something missing in the provision of open innovation services. The survey revealed a need for a more extensive innovation programme to meet both the needs of solution seekers and provides. NineSights is free to use and enables innovation seekers to post briefs with details of their requirements whilst providers can easily submit details of their technologies and proposals. The NineSigma team will take steps to ensure that both seekers and providers are properly vetted. 
"We have listened to our clients and solution providers who told us that a social media enabled platform where quality trumps quantity is what the world needs right now. As a result of this unique platform, organisations are able to make better connections faster and thus accelerate time to market." - Andy Zynga, CEO Nine Sigma
The NineSights platform, currently in Beta format, acts as a supplement to NineSigma's existing service offering users a more streamlined innovation environment. Solution seekers from all sectors be it commercial or non-profit will have access to a carefully selected pool of innovation experts including inventors, entrepreneurs, and researchers. The new service looks to be in keeping with NineSigma's mission to help organisations build and embrace a culture of innovation whilst developing its vast community of skilled innovation providers.

Image Credit; Opensourceway

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