Thursday, 26 July 2012

Crowdfunding Helps with Community Affected by Aurora Shootings

After  hearing reports of the shootings at a cinema in Aurora Colorado, two local entrepreneurs set up a crowdfunding campaign for a relief fund. Roger Toennis and Alex Montoya approached chose the platform to help raise funds to help victims' families and survivors recover from a devastating attack that shocked a nation and the world. 

On Friday 20th July 2012 a gunman walked into Century Cinema in Aurora Colorado, during a screening of The Dark Knight Rises. The gunman opened fire killing 12 people and leaving 50 others seriously injured. Since then police arrested 24 year old James Holmes and has appeared in court accused of the shootings. As the authorities begin to build their case against Holmes and other begin the debate on revising gun control legislation, those affected try to come terms with aftermath. For Toennis and Montoya the crowdfunding campaign is one close to home since they are both residents with Montoya having been raise not far from the cinema where the shootings occurred. 

The Aurora Relief Fund aims to raise $20,000 within 60 days. The funds will be used to help with the cost of medical and travel expenses for survivors, as well as the cost of of building memorials. With the exception of processing fees, all funds raised will go to the community affected and will not be taking their usual percentage. 
"I am happy to help raise money for such a good cause. I hope that this effort helps the injured, and the families of those who were taken. Our team members were some of the project's first supporters." - Rod Turner, Co-founder and CEO was launched in May 2012 with the goal of changing the face of crowdfunding by blending commercial projects with altruistic campaigns. The Aurora Relief Fund is part of the revolutionary changes looked to bring about. For more information and make a donation click here to visit the Aurora Relief Fund campaign page.

Image Credits; Beverly & Pack

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