Monday 16 July 2012

Crowdfunding Project Enables Supporters to be Published Writers

There are many considerations to a successful crowdfunding campaign, the most important being the quality of the rewards on offer. For his latest literary project, Canadian writer and film maker Daniel Perlimutter has launched Unwritten Masterpiece, in which the reward for making a donation invites supporters to get involved in writing the novel. Depending on the amount pledged, supporters can suggest an object to to be featured or even determine how the book ends. 
Third from left Daniel Perlmutter
Based in Toronto, Perlmutter is predominantly an independent film maker, his most prominent work being the 2010 feature-length comedy Peeperswhich he co-wrote. He has since co-founded Automatic Vaudeville, a film studio through which he has released a number of short film. Perlmutter was recently the recipient of the Governor-General’s mentorship award, pairing him with comedian and American Pie star Eugene Levy. The details of the novel for Unwritten Masterpiece are not known since much of the core elements of the book will be determined by the donating crowd. The project offers anyone who always aspired to publish instead of perish to make a contribution that could be stocked in bookshops and e-book sites. It is also a prime example of the collaborative nature of crowdsourcing, essentially allowing donors to be more than just a passive financial supporter.

"I think crowdsourcing is incredible. I think it makes so much sense being able to really cut out any middle man and just have a direct relationship between an audience and a creator. It’s a fantastic thing. - Daniel Perlmutter"

The campaign featuring on IndieGoGo is looking to raise $6,000 within 30 days to cover essential costs including hiring an editor & designer as well publishing and marketing expenses. Anyone who makes a donation can contribute to the novel depending on how much is pledged. For as little as $15 supporters can choose an object to be featured in the story but for those looking to have more of an influence (and with the money to spare) can donate $1,000 to determine how the story will end.

Other features that supporters can contribute to include, a key plot point, write a sentence, name a location or even the novel's title, although there are only a limited number of such rewards. Any contributions should not infringe copyright nor contain any derogatory and offensive material. For more information click here to visit the project's funding page.

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