Monday, 23 July 2012

Latest FundaGeek Portal Focuses on The Community

FundaGeek, the technology and scientific specialist crowdfunding platform has launched its latest portal this time helping fund community projects. The Community Support Funding Portal is aimed at helping projects that normally rely on government funding schemes securing much needed funding. Whether it be environmental programs, construction, or leisure and education, crowdfunding can serve as a viable alternative to government funding as well as a more effective means to generate much needed awareness.

The portal is open to a variety of community projects from whole communities, special groups and even individuals. Libraries and museums can use the portal as well as benevolent funds to help disaster victims and protest groups. The portal works like any other crowdfunding model with a call for funding being posted, with a funding target, offering rewards in exchange for donations. Like other portals within the FundaGeek  platform supporting non-profit altruistic projects, the Community Support Portal does not employ the all or nothing model, allowing projects to keep any funds raised at the end of the campaign. 

At a time when austerity measures are being imposed by local and national governments schools, colleges, educational resources and support organisations struggle to keep vital services afloat. FundaGeek's Community Support Portal offers another lifeline for to prosperity. For more information and to submit click here to visit the portal. 

Image Credits; Parker Yo

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